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Luca mosetti
Luca mosetti stacked Sorted
sono un consulente finanziario
Shub Gaur
Shub Gaur stacked Sorted
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Hyperscheduling, but so freaking easy
Raj stacked Sorted
i am trying to figure out my stack
Good autoscheduling
Jakob Fuchs
Jakob Fuchs stacked Sorted
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It replaced Things for me, because the daily planning is insanely brilliant. The UI is also very nice, although it's more of a copy.
Shu Omi
Shu Omi stacked Sorted
Data Scientist/Writer/Videographer
Best to-do + scheduling app. Much better than traditional todo list apps like Things 3, Todoist and Omni focus in my opinion.
磨磨唧唧 stacked Sorted
Never say never.
keep me pro
Rahul stacked Sorted
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The perfect blend of calendar + todo app. Love the task duration & auto schedule feature ❤️
Coleman FoleyConnor Hicks磨磨唧唧
Benop JC
Benop JC stacked Sorted
check off calendar events
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