World's most delicious hot sauce
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40 people use Sriracha. Do you?


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Best hot sauce
Mohit Agrawal
Mohit Agrawal stacked Sriracha
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Goes with everything and makes anything spicy.
Alex Sopinka
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Aaron stacked Sriracha
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Name a better hot sauce, I dare you. Most hot sauces are just that, hot with 0 flavour. The tang and sweet notes from Sriracha makes it addictive and suited to almost anything.
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Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Sriracha
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I tend to add it to almost everything. I fact it’s now lunch time and I’m already planning what I can add it to.
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Lanre Akinyemi
Lanre Akinyemi stacked Sriracha
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Still haven't found something it doesn't go with 🤷🏿‍♂️
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Michelle Kwon
Michelle Kwon stacked Sriracha
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The OG hot sauce (and first love) for me
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Josh Dance
Josh Dance stacked Sriracha
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Great flavor. Fun bottle. Makes most things better.
Kai stacked Sriracha
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Tasty, but I also love Tabasco
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spicy magic
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