Spoonbill tracks metadata all your favorite social networks
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Matthew Bischoff
Matthew Bischoff stacked Spoonbill
Making apps at Lickability. Writing about tech & culture....
A secret weapon email rollup of Twitter bio changes. Always know when folks change their job, their personal brand, or even their gender.
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford stacked Spoonbill
I write about the history of technology & industry at roo...
Keep up to date on job/city moves in my network. Often I become one of the first to know about someone's new startup/project, even before they announce it
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Ryan Hoover
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Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞
One of my favorite newsletters. Each week Spoonbill delivers a changelog of updated Twitter bios from people that I follow. It's fascinating to see how people "brand" themselves, sometimes through the smallest changes.
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