Split expenses with friends.
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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked Splitwise
Full Stack Developer @ APITIC
I use Splitwise to split expenses with my housemates. I started using it last year while living in a flatshare and shared the app with my housemates this year. It's super handy because you can have everything in one place without having to keep every receipt.
Ryan Hoover
Gabe O'Leary
Gabe O'Leary stacked Splitwise
Software developer & avid app user and developer. I love...
Beat things for staying on top of my finances with friends.
Phil stacked Splitwise
Digital Change and Service Improvement encourager. Civil ...
Keeps household and group spending in check.
Alex Girard
Alex Girard stacked Splitwise
incoming intern @Zillow, studying software eng @uwaterloo
A staple for college students, the automatic debt simplification is a game-changer.
Sarah A. Downey
Sarah A. Downey stacked Splitwise
Interests of a 17 year-old boy in the guise of an adult f...
Makes splitting bills super easy.
It makes super easy to keep tracking of my house shared expenses with all my roommates.
Ehsan stacked Splitwise
dev at @BRDHQ, maker of @apphindsight, pixel pusher at @o...
Makes splitting expenses for group activities or trips a breeze.
Filip Kowalski
Filip Kowalski stacked Splitwise
Currently working on:☕️🍔🍻
Super useful tool for sharing expenses with friends during travel. Does all the hard calculations and makes it easy to pay back.
Jason stacked Splitwise
watched a lot of the tick and rocko's modern life growing...
Been using it for close to ten years and it's never let me down.
Maria Teresa Stella
Maria Teresa Stella stacked Splitwise
UX Designer, in a complicated relationship with Gluten | ...
I use this app when going on vacation with my friends to keep track of our expenses and we can make sure everyone has payed their share, stress free. Useful also with flatmates!
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