Notepad, meet calculator
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EdĀ stackedĀ Soulver
Semi-geek always misspelling tweets. Engineer at @NearFor...
Handy calculator
Scott Guthart
Scott GuthartĀ stackedĀ Soulver
Statistical Analyst, Physical Therapist, fledgling full s...
Quick Soulver + Alfred
Peter Bƶttges
Peter BƶttgesĀ stackedĀ Soulver
Web tech
a heart for numbers
James Young
James YoungĀ stackedĀ Soulver
Director of #UX at @SSCTechnologies: Design leader helpin...
Long time user, it's an incredible scratchpad for all sorts of things from doing quick personal finance to business finance/freelance etc. It's so much quicker and delightful to use than a spreadsheet for many situations.
Andres R. Acosta
Andres R. AcostaĀ stackedĀ Soulver
I'm a product designer living it up in San Francisco.
Human friendly calculations are a designers best friend.
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