Sony WH CH 700 N
#1 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
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Fomokit stacked Sony WH CH 700 N
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Dropped over 200 times and still going strong. Durability.
David Ryal 'Pug' Anderson
David Ryal 'Pug' Anderson stacked Sony WH CH 700 N
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black friday specials ftw
Kylee Grace Schmuck
Kylee Grace Schmuck stacked Sony WH CH 700 N
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I always need at least one pair of noise-canceling headphones and this is the pair I have right now. Good fit for my head and decent noise-canceling.
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Rodrigo Chiong
Rodrigo Chiong stacked Sony WH CH 700 N
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Amazing sound quality and marathonic battery life (seriously, this thing gets around 40 hours per charge) make for one of the best BT headphones for office use. Noise cancelling isn't on par with pricier options, but for the price (around US$70 paid) there is no better choice.
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long battery life, comfortable, quick charging
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