Sonos One
The powerful smart speaker with voice control built in.
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wong2Ā stackedĀ Sonos One
not bad
Vince Nguyen
Vince NguyenĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
@google, @unlockfm podcast host, tech enthusiast, stoicis...
Easy to set up, well-designed and just one Sonos One can fill a large living room with incredible sound
aceĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
I like food
beautiful sound and works with alot of platforms
PercentĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
Software Developer in Chicago.
Small but powerful!
omar okla
omar oklaĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
fascinated with software, engineering, and creat[ivity,ing]
sonos quality speaker, alexa voice assistant.
benjamin evans
benjamin evansĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
Design leader @airbnb
Sound quality is good (not great), but the combo of seamless room-to-room sound in a matte black finish is perfect for me
Parker Henderson
Memento Gear
Memento GearĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
Apparel celebrating the greatest minds.šŸ§  Stoics since 334BC
2 of these badboys and a beam make for a nice surround sound, easy setup. Turnoffable Alexa is a major plus
Faraz Ahmad
Faraz AhmadĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
Marketer and Developer
Speakers and Alexa in one
Beng-FaiĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
Trying to bring something different to the table. Big fan...
Nicolas Van Hoorde
Nicolas Van HoordeĀ stackedĀ Sonos One
Co-founder and CEO of Delta ( - acquire...
It's not that smart, but it plays music well!
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