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Sonos Move
Get brilliant sound anywhere with the weatherproof and drop-resistant Move
Brandon DionHussein YahfoufiNico
20 people use Sonos Move. Do you?

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Brandon Dion
Brandon Dion stacked Sonos Move
https://t.co/6HhfhQYTYf, https://t.co/lVSToECpsl, https:/...
Sonos Move just works. It is easy to transport and sounds amazing!
Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein Yahfoufi stacked Sonos Move
Co-founder at Money Minx (coming soon). CIO at eCapital. ...
Pricey but worth every penny. We use this speaker all day everyday. In an out of the house and usually while synced to other speakers around the house.
Peter ThaleikisAaronLeandro Ardissone
Ben Sales
Ben Sales stacked Sonos Move
SRE Engineer at FATMAP
Just bought one of these for the garden. Its amazing, the auto Trueplay really works.
Steve Vafier
Steve Vafier stacked Sonos Move
Exploring curiosities
Great sound quality, battery life, suitable for outdoors
Chris Hunsanger
Chris Hunsanger stacked Sonos Move
Public profile
Arguably the most underrated Sonos product. Love the little base and easy grab and toss in the backyard functionality behind this speaker. Still a lug, but an awesome sounding one.
Cam Secore
Cam Secore stacked Sonos Move
Internet entrepreneur and content creator. I have a blog.
It's not as good as Play:5 or HomePod, but the ability to bring out to the backyard with the battery makes it perfect.
Brendan Weinstein
Brendan Weinstein stacked Sonos Move
Product Manager & Data Analyst | Product Hunt: NYC Meetup...
Just ordered - about to try it out!
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