Simple and powerful screen capture and recording software
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Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf stacked Snagit
Product Designer @AngelList; Creator https://uxdesigncont...
People often ask me, "What's that tool you used to capture your screen?" Must-have for designers.
J. AdamsRyan SnyderChad Reynoldson
Paul Biggs
Paul Biggs stacked Snagit
Lead the Product Marketing team @Contentful. Storied hist...
Most powerful screenshot tool out there
dysontom stacked Snagit
Product Leader with over 15 years experience specialising...
How often do we need to create quick video demonstrations of our latest and greatest work - this makes product gif creation a breeze. Get daily use
Michael The Geek 
Michael The Geek  stacked Snagit
I'm a Technology enthusiast. I have a great deal of respe...
Powerful tool!
Steph Nelson
Steph Nelson stacked Snagit
Snow + baseball = joy. Impassioned list maker. And coffe...
The best way to capture, edit, manage screenshots. The scrolling capture has saved me multiple times.
Most concise way to provide explanations
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce stacked Snagit
Storyteller, video creator, speaker, Dungeon Master & gee...
Not only can you take screenshots, its editor is powerful enough to do many of the small tasks I need without having to open another editing program - like adding annotations, combining images, & blurring. It can also create videos, and now videos from previous screenshots.
Lucas H.Théo PaulAaron
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor stacked Snagit
Eternally curious | Working & Learning Outloud | Honorary...
Best $50 you'll ever spend.
Ahmed Men
Ahmed Men stacked Snagit
Black Swan hunter | Brussels 🇧🇪 + Paris 🇫🇷 Working on @laz...
Best way I found to screenshot + video screen capture on-the-go, then share it with annotations.
Calum Webb
Dave Millman
Dave Millman stacked Snagit
Gonna be a lot of offline stuff in my stack
Screenshots are the fastest way to explain things.
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