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Danielle Geva
Danielle Geva stacked Sketch
⛩️ Teapreneur 💗 Ask your barista for a hojicha latte ✨ Dar...
Intuitive & affordable
YoBoi stacked Sketch
Looking for some great apps
Nice UI for app designing
NextDesign stacked Sketch
Engineer by Degree, Designer by Profession :)
For ui/ux Designing
Akhil T Chandran
Akhil T Chandran stacked Sketch
🖥UI Designer ﹒ 💤Dreamer ﹒ 📷Photographer ﹒ 😍Art Love...
The best lightweight tool you can use for screen design. Sketch makes the earth a better place to live. love it. ❤️
Chrissy Cowdrey
Chrissy Cowdrey stacked Sketch
Founder of Stagger, a full stack product for visual story...
Mostly because I haven't fully switched to Figma.
Leon Zhang
Leon Zhang stacked Sketch
good tool
𝐋𝐞𝐨 stacked Sketch
Tech enthusiast, futurist & fanboy 🍎
I've been designing interfaces and other stuff for a couple of years, nothing has been easier and powerful to me than Sketch and it's plugins. A must have!
Bloaq stacked Sketch
Great design tool
Devan Christiawan
Devan Christiawan stacked Sketch
if love is a game, then.. i played it in very hard diffic...
Best interface design application
cassy stacked Sketch
Pet dogs get money. UX designer @sidebench. Co-founder of...
So robust and familiar <3
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