The simplest way to keep notes.
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Abhiraj Butala
Abhiraj Butala stacked Simplenote
Product Manager @Yelp
A simple and elegant note taking app.
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny Rachitsky stacked Simplenote
Writing, Investing, Advising, and Exploring | Previously:...
My go-to notes app
Nivi stacked Simplenote
Internet legend
Super simple UI. I use it to write down the names of people at venues, so I can pretend I remembered their name. Which is a good app idea IMO.
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Dieter Bohn
Dieter Bohn stacked Simplenote
Executive Editor, The Verge. Tech commentary. Typos are i...
I wish it had a stronger security model, but it's still the one I go back to anyway. Everything else is just to heavy.
Ricardo Matos
Ricardo Matos stacked Simplenote
A não comer ensopado de borrego desde 1974 / Not eating b...
notes, made simple
Niels Philbert
Niels Philbert stacked Simplenote
I focus on small improvements in smart organisations. I a...
Keep it simple and things will mostly stay simple. And it's free!
Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan Abrams stacked Simplenote
Entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of @8bitcap and @fo...
I use simple note a lot lately, on my laptop and phone. As the name suggests, it's simple.
Elias FisherMax Yakin Bozek スNaman Kumar
Onutz stacked Simplenote
simple note taking, works offline, mardown enabled, web and phone apps
Bram Adams
Bram Adams stacked Simplenote
creative code | music | writing
easy to use, links between all my devices
Watheq Alshowaiter واثق الشويطر
Watheq Alshowaiter واثق الشويطر stacked Simplenote
إعادة التغريد تعني التبني والبصم بالعشر والتأييد بقوة. ال...
simple, free, work on cloud, support markdown
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