Signal is the most scalable encryption tool we have. It is free and peer reviewed.
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235 people use Signal. Do you?

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Mikołaj Zaremba
Mikołaj Zaremba stacked Signal
Computer guy
The most secure and private messaging app I know.
Rolo stacked Signal
I trust Signal to keep my communications encrypted.
James Irwin
James Irwin stacked Signal
Relentlessly pursuing autonomy.
Mr. Marlinspike has made the secure messaging app we all wanted. Texts are seamless, and voice/video chat works really well too. If it’s good enough for Snowden, it’s good enough for me.
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy stacked Signal
Ad Ops and Community Team @Brave. Love non-fiction, self-...
Security, privacy, speed. The newer updates are getting better and better with time. Plus, more people I know are using this on a monthly basis.
Naman Kumar
Abhishek Uniyal
Abhishek Uniyal stacked Signal
Eclectic, Product Engineer, DevRel, Sarcastic (??) & Co-f...
Secure messaging done right.
A stacked Signal
Best private messenger
Leijla Foss
Leijla Foss stacked Signal
Your cute international fair-haired vegan poet & adventur...
I love Signal because they are private, I can sync between devices and it's not owned by Facebook!
Jiran stacked Signal
Fine Artist and Freelance Illustrator. Soul in the game. ...
Privacy is the most basic of human rights.
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong stacked Signal
Ideator. INFP-T
End to end encrypted, open source, and consistent
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