Shoe Dog
A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE
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Ben Mathews
Ben MathewsĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
early stage consumer VC @bessemervp. formerly @android @g...
Rarely can someone give business advice and write beautiful prose in the same book.
Bryan LandersBenoƮt Quimper
musebeĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
I eat marshmallows
i love shoe dog
Darren Lee
Darren LeeĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
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Learn it from people who has done from the shoes up.
Antoine Benichou
Antoine BenichouĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
Growth Marketing & Strategy guy enrolled in a master's de...
It relates how Nike passed through steps to achieve what it is today.
Jacob Robinson
Jacob RobinsonĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
"What leaving a legacy really takes."
SatĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
Advisory Board @ Startup Studios - Product/Market, Brand ...
My tip: Get the Audible
Abhijeet Wankhade
Abhijeet WankhadeĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
Design, movies, tech and design
Business tips aside, it's just a well-written book with an excellent story.
AbadesiJogesh SharmaMitchell Fox
Daniel Graupensperger
Daniel GraupenspergerĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
Product and Data @TheMightySite
Easy to understand and follow but with great insights about life, relationships and business.
Joshua H. Davidson
Joshua H. DavidsonĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
CEO of @Chop_Dawg. Passionate Student of #Entrepreneurshi...
It's a good book, and it applies to any founder in any industry.
Ablorde Ashigbi
Ablorde AshigbiĀ stackedĀ Shoe Dog
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One of the best entrepreneurial stories I've read.
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