Shoe Dog
A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE
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Vinayak Tantia
Vinayak Tantia stacked Shoe Dog
Trying to understand the world we live in. Hacker. Engine...
Sounds like an almost unfiltered view of the journey of Phil Knight
Joe Davini
Joe Davini stacked Shoe Dog
#WebDeveloper #SheSocial | #Sports Enthusiast | Lover of ...
One of my favorite books. The determination and passion of Phil Knight was special.
M. stacked Shoe Dog
Coding Padawan. Loves wine and cats.
Loves how relatable it was throughout the entire book.
Adam KazwellTucker TriggsDiogo Ferreira
Deen stacked Shoe Dog
Digital Connoisseur. Part of In pursuit to s...
You get to learn how unconventional it is for building something and with this book, Phil Knight talks about Nike.
ismail sincik
ismail sincik stacked Shoe Dog
Techie, Business dev., Founder of Istech
Great book telling how businesses evolve around founder’s extremities
Campbell Baron
Campbell Baron stacked Shoe Dog
👋 17-y/o Entrepreneur, Podcaster 🎙 Host, The Ones Who Su...
This book really got me inspired 🙌
justin stacked Shoe Dog
I like pancakes
Fantastic startup story with all the ups and downs that keep you engaged even though everyone in the world already knows what eventually happens. Just do it.
Vipul Satya
Vipul Satya stacked Shoe Dog
Tech • Travel • Design • Crypto • Food • Marketing @Amazo...
Riveting story and a lot of important life lessons
Friedrich Roth
Friedrich Roth stacked Shoe Dog
Ex-Product Manager @N26
Humble story of how Nike came to be
Lukas Klinser
Drew stacked Shoe Dog
CPA by day, anything else by night
The passion and determination needed to create Nike from nothing was inspiring.
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