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Jagat Seth
Jagat Seth stacked Scrivener
Banker to the British East India Co.
Love this tool for my writing and research. Finally upgraded to 3
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked Scrivener
Product Manager at - I ❤️ tech, product, music...
I've recently started taking writing seriously, and was looking for something that works well with how I work. Scrivener is flexible, easy to use and its full screen focus mode is seriously a game changer for someone like me who's so damn easily distracted by Twitter...
Shivani Shahkt mcbratneyJake Crump
Michael I. Brooks
Michael I. Brooks stacked Scrivener
Marketer. Author-in-training.
Everything you need and more when writing a book or conducting research. More features than I need, but doesn't feel overbuilt and have never run into any bugs.
Jesse RussellMorgan CrutchfieldAaron
Michael The Geek 
Michael The Geek  stacked Scrivener
I'm a Technology enthusiast. I have a great deal of respe...
It's perfect.
Shripriya Mahesh
Shripriya Mahesh stacked Scrivener
Venture capital for the things that make life worth livin...
The best tool for screenplays. The card view is fantastic - it allows you to move scenes around easily in a way that no other screenwriting program allows. That maps very well to what screenwriters do in real life with post-its - move scenes around and see how it reads.
Bram AdamsHarris KarimNaval
Fawzi A. Baba-Ali
Fawzi A. Baba-Ali stacked Scrivener
Entrepreneur and global citizen who believes in positive ...
Great tool for writers who need to structure their writings
Manager for my documents and notes
Heather Roberts
Heather Roberts stacked Scrivener
Striving every day for better...everything.
Write/research/plan/organize anywhere on multiple platforms, but stay organized. No more lost notes, illegible writing. Even has a focus feature that blocks all the pings and pop-ups that sidetrack the easily distracted (like me!)
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