Samsung Galaxy Buds
Quick pairing out of the box
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Denis Valášek
Denis Valášek stacked Samsung Galaxy Buds
Voice Developer with main focus on Google Assistant. Like...
Small, long battery life, easy pairing, very comfortable.
Akshar Takle
Akshar Takle stacked Samsung Galaxy Buds
Software engineer. Curious human
super easy to connect to any device. Great sound quality
It's easy to carry around and very comfortable to the ear. The noise cancellation feature is amazing.
Щош, так нас
Щош, так нас stacked Samsung Galaxy Buds
After 5+ years in Tech Journalism, I have difficulties wi...
Nice TWS headphones. The sound is fine, works with no problem and costs less than airpods
Grant Gregory
Grant Gregory stacked Samsung Galaxy Buds
(1.00)^365 = 1.0 (1.01)^365 = 37.8 Currently @MetLife...
Best Android alternative to Airpods Pro
Eril Gün Ezerel
Eril Gün Ezerel stacked Samsung Galaxy Buds
Looking for a founding team! I work on #digitalidentity, ...
Perfect for yoga. Doesn't fall off in any positions unlike airpods.
So light, great fit, solid sound and good for calls too
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