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JJ Nguyen
JJ Nguyen stacked Salesforce
Endlessly curious and *actively* battling shiny object sy...
I wouldn't say I *love* it.... but it does help me keep track of my opportunities.
Reza Saeedi
Reza Saeedi stacked Salesforce
Tech enthusiast. Passionate about simple, usable products.
Integrations with other apps.
Numeraire stacked Salesforce
Investor in exponential distrusting technologies
Dallas stacked Salesforce
impressive ja rule karaoke skills
Good CRM
Vapoesie stacked Salesforce
Helping compagnies to increase productivity thanks cloud ...
customers datas
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson stacked Salesforce
Husband, Father, Nerd, USMC Veteran | Salesforce Consulta...
Part of my stack because I wouldn't have a job without it
Sean Smith and 499 others
Sean Smith and 499 others stacked Salesforce
Product @ @trux360inc building the largest construction m...
They've thought of everything
Ergonized stacked Salesforce
Ergonized is a #Salesforce consulting partner focused on ...
Very powerful CRM, if you know how to use it right
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