Rocket League
Award-winning sports-action hybrid.
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Camden Gaba
Camden Gaba stacked Rocket League
iOS Engineer and Product Designer
The political undertones, the gripping storyline, and the most beautiful soundtrack you've ever heard make Rocket League the game of the century.
Colin Kiama
Colin Kiama stacked Rocket League
I’m a Front-end web developer who just wants life to flow...
Such a cool concept, super fun to play and... the music!
Deen stacked Rocket League
Digital Connoisseur. Part of In pursuit to s...
Flying cars and football but I wish it was that easy as it seems. It's fun to take you head off in this when you are laid back.
azerbluuCEAStefan Natter
Daniel Jost
Daniel Jost stacked Rocket League
Software Engineer with a passion for front end development.
A competitive game that has continued to grow in the four years since its release. Fun at all skill levels.
Arvin stacked Rocket League
Looking for innovative products to test out
Cars + soccer lol
Geoff BrownRodrigo ChiongAaron
Tyler Polen
Tyler Polen stacked Rocket League
Dev, Musician
Fun, teamwork, spatial awareness
less monkaS
less monkaS stacked Rocket League
Lifelong gamer trying out more of the real world. Slowly ...
This taught me more than any other game that the hours you put in translates to how good you are. You can generally tell how good someone is by how many hours they have. Trying to apply this to things in life. Not playing rocket league atm.
Mtt stacked Rocket League
Trying to figure out where/what to eat. COO @PandaScore. ...
Been playing it for a couple years now, made some incredibly great friendships out of it.
Jason Heath
Jason Heath stacked Rocket League
Follower of Christ / Husband to @hethernet / Father to 3 ...
Games are quick. It was tough getting started, but at least you feel like you get better the more games you play - in contrast to games like PUBG or Fortnite.
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher Richman stacked Rocket League
Cofounder & CEO @Halp. Some scruffy startup guy in Boulde...
So easy to pick up and play a quick game, but endless levels of strategy to learn.
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