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Pro tips
Laura S.
Laura S.'s pro tips for Roam Research
Roam Research
Keyboard shortcuts

My favorite is / this one gives you a long list of options. For example, /TODO that transforms every bullet point into a checklist item.

Shaf's pro tips for Roam Research
Roam Research
Kanban Board in Roam Research

Type- {{kanban}}

The bullets become columns

The indents within them become tasks

Mint.nat's pro tips for Roam Research
Roam Research
Install Roam Research Theme

**List of themes is below the steps**

1.Install Stylus browser extension. manage--> write new style

3.copy and paste the code (don't forget to name the theme)

4. make sure to click the + sign (next to the "Applies to Everything') and choose URLs starting with and paste this url down

4. It is all set. take a look at you Roam Research

visit this website to get themes

Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose's pro tips for Roam Research
Roam Research
The best way to get started

I highly recommend the paid course "effortless output with Roam"

tapangarg's pro tips for Roam Research
Roam Research
How to start a Kanban board

Type: {{kanban}}

First level indents are columns

Second level indents are tasks

Bi-directional linking: use [[topic]] or #topic to connect the dots

When writing your notes, use [[topic]] or #topic every time you mention an important topic. This will do two things: (1) create a new node/page for that topic; (2) connect that new node/page to the node/page you're currently writing on. It's all automatic, and this is how you get a graph like this one. Bonus: Roam will then list all the nodes/pages mentioning this topic so you can magically find additional patterns and connections.

Switch between layouts to explore your knowledge graph

Want to switch between a directed or undirected view of your graph? Go to our graph overview, then right click > "Cose Layout" or "Dagre Layout"

Igor's pro tips for Roam Research
Roam Research
Intersitial Journalling

Use "/time" to insert a timestamp into your notes. I /time in between focused work to check in with myself, write down any ad-hoc todos, and just stay generally on track.

Notes on the run

Roam's "while we don't have a native app" placeholder mobile web note posting page is underwhelming, but this is how I've made it work:

1) add a direct link to it as an app icon on my Android front page

2) enter stuff by the speech to text feature of Google's default keyboard

3) take 10 minutes in the evening to sort and edit on computer

Create templates

1. Title + //template

2. Create template content

3. Use ";;" to pull up template anywhere

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