Roam Research
A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Bernard Joseph Burch ūźÉŹ
Bernard Joseph Burch ūźÉŹ¬†stacked¬†Roam Research
Writer & Designer since before the days of Netscape Navig...
It cured my ADHD!
Dylan Wu
Dylan Wu stacked Roam Research
SaaS Builder
Terry Elliott
Terry Elliott stacked Roam Research
Instructor and sharer-in-chief for friends, family, and c...
such a handy tool, so nicely integrated
André Foeken
André Foeken stacked Roam Research
38 years old, loves technology and design.
Currently, it contains my whole life.
Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan stacked Roam Research
Senior UX Designer @Nagarro ‚ÄĘ Design Mentor @Springboard ...
Genius tool - Using this feels just so natural, it's like 10 steps ahead of notion too!!
Andrew Edstrom
Andrew Edstrom stacked Roam Research
Software engineer, reader and PICO-8 tinkerer
The best tool I've found for note-taking and keeping track of my thoughts. I love the graph structure and how easy it is to create bi-directional links. Like nothing else I've ever seen.
Rob Ruffler
Rob Ruffler stacked Roam Research
Entrepreneurial product and technology leader with a trac...
Augments my brain and helps me make serendipitous connections.
Vikram Shenoy
Vikram Shenoy stacked Roam Research
Product guy
I love how free form it is.
Nando stacked Roam Research
Hey there! I am Fernando, and I currently work as a Produ...
It's the bicycle for my mind
Griff Foxley
Griff Foxley stacked Roam Research
Writer, Strategist, Entrepreneur
The single best investment of my time in an app: networked note-making collects and connects all my research and dreams.
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