Roam Research
A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Kitsch stacked Roam Research
Relentless optimism. Human. Designer.
The best note taking/thinking tool I've ever used. Bi directional links is where it's at.
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked Roam Research
Technology sales enablement executive, early adopter, sem...
Brilliantly linked writing experience. Anything can be a link or tag.
Jeremy Caplan
Jeremy Caplan stacked Roam Research
Father of 2 | Educator, Learner | Past: Time Magazine Jou...
Smart way to create, organize and access notes using intuitive tagging rather than relying on a folder system that invariably fails to show the connections between related notes
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson stacked Roam Research
Using this for one of my writing projects and I've got to say it's definitely one of the better note-taking apps out there.
Andrew Marinopoulos
Andrew Marinopoulos stacked Roam Research
Co-Founder @enrollhand, helping schools grow
Second Brain
I'm not in love with it yet, but I'm using it for a personal CRM and notes. It's 10x better than Evernote or Notion for book notes because you can effortlessly connect ideas, highlights, and thoughts among books.
Georgina Hoy
Georgina Hoy stacked Roam Research
IP & Technology Lawyer
Roam is a very interesting way to collaborate your notes. I use ROAM as a record of recent articles/books/podcasts I have read and I love checking back on my bi-directional links as I add content.
Tyler Angert
Tyler Angert stacked Roam Research
Graphs, graphs, and more graphs.
Amr Khalifeh
Amr Khalifeh stacked Roam Research
Product Designer @ajsmartdesign
Roam is the only note-taking app out there that helps augment your mind ability to discover relationships in your knowledge to create new knowledge.
James Sun
James Sun stacked Roam Research
Father, husband, software developer, problem solver, Pyth...
I've just started to use Roam Research. So far, the product seems much better suited to connecting thoughts and ideas across dimensions, such as time and domain, than standard note-taking tools like Evernote (that I continue to use).
./scottmarioSteve Greenberg
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