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A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Tanner Hawkes
Tanner Hawkes stacked Roam Research
VC @ Kickstart. Former Product @ Nike, Vivint.
Wow. Roam is stunningly simple and complex all at once. It helps you to write more, connect more, and do more. The #roamcult is the frosting.
Victor Lee
Victor Lee stacked Roam Research
Everyone needs a closure and I need a fun closure. iOS | ...
Just became a believer, fully changing the way I jot my thoughts
Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked Roam Research
building someth‚ĖŹ
I have been incredibly skeptical of the latest crop of note-taking and productivity tools, but this one lives up to the hype. It just stuck for me in a way that Notion, etc. just never did. My go-to for building a mental model for a project.
Terralynn Forsyth
Terralynn Forsyth stacked Roam Research
Hi! My name is Terralynn, a Co-Founder and Head of Produc...
A notetaking app I'm actually excited to use.
Ernesto Jiménez
Ernesto Jiménez stacked Roam Research
Exploring the intersection of creativity, technology, and...
The place where I work with my notes: write, link, think.
Peter Skaronis
Peter Skaronis stacked Roam Research
I teach what I most need to learn. I also explore all thi...
Simplicity and power.
Ben Kenney
Ben Kenney stacked Roam Research
"Starting something new" is what people seem to say. Prio...
Because it's so easy to click around and everything is right there.
Joel Falconer
Joel Falconer stacked Roam Research
Editorial & newsletters at SitePoint, musician, and remot...
I really wanted to avoid liking Roam, with its subscription model and data tied up in a cloud-first model, which I've always found a tough sell for notes. Yet here I am, having found myself unable to leave post-trial. The app enables serious output and the community is energetic.
Emma.C stacked Roam Research
Creator, cofounder of a SaaS product in pet tech
Kunal Mishra.
Kunal Mishra. stacked Roam Research
I'm passionate about tech and marketing.
Connecting ideas makes it easy to get back to it when I need to
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