Roam Research
A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Jeremie Rykner
Jeremie Rykner stacked Roam Research
#Productivity & Marketing in the Digital Age, 📈 Public Sp...
The future of online-based knowledge management for building your second brain
Robert Haisfield
Robert Haisfield stacked Roam Research
Behavior design and gamification. Founder of Influence In...
It’s a mindblowing tool for thought!
jijo stacked Roam Research
CEO, Buy Me A Coffee
for the serendipitous connections that roam make! <3
Jagat Seth
Jagat Seth stacked Roam Research
Banker to the British East India Co.
Works as fast as your brain processes thoughts and maps it.
Rushi stacked Roam Research
Renaissance Adolescent. Data and stuff. ex- @wpp fellow
Roam might be the first system I've used that I've begun to dream about, and begun to wield within my dreams. It makes the process of thinking through ideas as easy as with a paper notebook, something I genuinely didn't think was ever going to happen.
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Gordon Corte
Gordon Corte stacked Roam Research
Talent Manager at McCann Erickson, former agent at ICM, f...
It's a fantastic product that allows you to handle to-do's as well as manage knowledge.
Mitchell Fox
I use it for journaling currently
Bud Hennekes
Bud Hennekes stacked Roam Research
I'm Bud. I connect people and ideas. I enjoy good convers...
My second brain
Katerina stacked Roam Research
Everything happens through connections. I analyze network...
Finally a note taking application that works like my mind works: In nodes and links. On top of that I just like anything graph based
Ali EnginMarcus WermuthFajar Siddiq
Brandon Titus
Brandon Titus stacked Roam Research
Avid hiker in Colorado 🌄
Love the simplicity combined with the excellent Network Graphing. I use the Daily Notes to keep meeting and task notes and create pages for longer lived tasks and projects.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
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