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A note-taking tool for networked thought
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shehab hamad
shehab hamad stacked Roam Research
daily notes and bidirectional links on the fly have transformed my daily habits.
Jackson stacked Roam Research
Useful for disorganized people like me, who can just throw information at Roam without needing to figure out how the system should work beforehand. Like my brain.
Parker Henderson
Leonardo Sumulong
Leonardo Sumulong stacked Roam Research
Content + UX Strategist. NYC native. Building w. empathy ...
No more random sticky notes around my physical space and no more trying to figure out which relate to which others and how :D
Igor stacked Roam Research
Intern @ Science Inc.
Why do I love Roam 🤔 1. All of my journalling, task management and note taking takes place here 2. Self organizing structure using backlinks perfect for my ADD 3. Custom themes: I use a purple version of Zenith
Tom Kirkendall
Tom Kirkendall stacked Roam Research
Lawyer in private practice in Houston. Bold in thought, p...
An outstanding database that integrates well with work flow and research.
Jonathan Prozzi
Jonathan Prozzi stacked Roam Research
Learner, educator, hacker. Passionate about design, progr...
Still getting into this and fitting into my workflow, but love the connections.
Eashan Reddy Kotha
Eashan Reddy Kotha stacked Roam Research
Into Neurobiology, Health Informatics and Medicine. Engag...
An amazing tool that extends naturally from your mind to the written word. As you learn to use Roam, you get compound effects on the knowledge you've put into it. Feels like the team behind Roam also work to improve it every day. Worth it.
Pietro stacked Roam Research
i do stuff on the internet - engineering payments @Mollie...
I was skeptical when I first looked at Roam as it looked kinda frightening. I can't live without it nowadays.
tom ross
tom ross stacked Roam Research
Interested in Productivity, Personal Knowledge Management...
I use Roam as my personal CRM and daily note taker. I keep it pretty simple - daily notes, meeting notes and concepts i'm thinking about. The more you put in the more you get out.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez stacked Roam Research
☝️not my twitter | 👉 now @javrodriguez_ | 🤖 VC dropout | 👷🏻‍♂️...
I had always loved Tiago Forte's idea of "Build a Second Brain" and tried out his PARA Method in Evernote, but it never really clicked into place. Roam Research fixed that - it's the most delightful and intuitive tool for personal knowledge management.
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