Roam Research
A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Dan Barrett
Dan Barrett stacked Roam Research
Head nerd at AdWords Nerds. PPC, SEO, CRO, and other anno...
I spend all day, every day, in Roam - taking notes, planning, reflecting. I literally can’t live without it now.
cori schlegel
cori schlegel stacked Roam Research
long-term developer and server admin; relatively newly-mi...
outline view is great; automatic [[backlinking]] rocks.
Chris Franco
Chris Franco stacked Roam Research
Founder of Woodridge Growth.
The automatic linking between notes, concepts, etc.
Daily page plus backlinks are amazing
Nathan Sudds
Nathan Sudds stacked Roam Research
I'm a coach. consultant. biz owner. husband. food lover. ...
I just love how the focus is on the daily notes but as you keep using it daily the map of what you know becomes networked --- great for a variety of reasons.
YogiColeman Foley
Jayme Hoffman
Jayme Hoffman stacked Roam Research
Entrepreneur, product advisor/investor and breakfast taco...
Roam organizes my unorganized thoughts so that I can focus on thinking.
Sanjukt Saha
Sanjukt Saha stacked Roam Research
Engineer, mostly on Paper. Founder @wallobooks @onebillio...
It does that too :)
Jimmy Le
Jimmy Le stacked Roam Research
Real Estate Data Science
Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross stacked Roam Research
Product nerd, ADHDer. Still recovering from table-based l...
Easy to take notes and link my thoughts and ideas together. Using it for my second brain.
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