Roam Research
A note-taking tool for networked thought
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Nathan Sudds
Nathan Sudds stacked Roam Research
I'm a coach. consultant. biz owner. husband. food lover. ...
I just love how the focus is on the daily notes but as you keep using it daily the map of what you know becomes networked --- great for a variety of reasons.
Jayme Hoffman
Jayme Hoffman stacked Roam Research
Entrepreneur, product advisor/investor and breakfast taco...
Roam organizes my unorganized thoughts so that I can focus on thinking.
Sanjukt Saha
Sanjukt Saha stacked Roam Research
Engineer, mostly on Paper. Founder @wallobooks @onebillio...
It does that too :)
Jimmy Le
Jimmy Le stacked Roam Research
Real Estate Data Science
Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross stacked Roam Research
Product nerd, ADHDer. Still recovering from table-based l...
Easy to take notes and link my thoughts and ideas together. Using it for my second brain.
Chuck Gartland
Chuck Gartland stacked Roam Research
Business Process Analyst, Independent Contractor, Industr...
Swiss army knife of note-taking as second-brain and learning system.
Harley Stagner
Harley Stagner stacked Roam Research
IT Professional in tech marketing. Learning how to manife...
Programmable Workspace!
Jesper Bylund
Jesper Bylund stacked Roam Research
Designer from Sweden with some developer skills. I’ve gon...
Currently the best way to take notes and actually learn from them. Helps me structure my thoughts.
Jessica King
Jessica King stacked Roam Research
eCommerce technology consultant / developer / strategist ...
Solves the note-taking problem of "where do I put this" by leaving behind hierarchies and folders for more natural graph-oriented model. Ability to customize js and css. Encourages and supports collecting and linking deep notes while always being able to get back "home".
isedwinr stacked Roam Research
Entrepreneur, intrepeneur
To be not forced into workflows of "general systems"
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