Commutes suck. Trips rock.
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Does a great job simulating the best parts about actual road trips with friends and family onto mobile
Jack Cohen
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Brings back the magic of and makes co-listening fun with the added benefit of introducing you to new people you might never have met IRL.
Alexandra Girard
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Super great app which adds a social aspect to music
Tony Conrad
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It's fun, love listening to playlists while chatting with friends.
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Alexandre Mouriec
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Full Stack Developer @ APITIC
Joined Roadtrip yesterday and spent some time in the app and I really like it. It's still in beta but it's well-built. As an aspiring DJ and music lover wanting to meet people, I am planning to create some rooms today to play with the app. I am @alexandre on Roadtrip
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Slick social listening app built for mobile.
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