Rick And Morty
Adult-oriented nighttime programming block
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Ashish Nandan Singh
Ashish Nandan Singh stacked Rick And Morty
Dream big, build fast, fail fast, keep building, ship often.
Yes, that's right, I think it's not just a show but one of the best marvels of our time.
Manisha Vaswani
Manisha Vaswani stacked Rick And Morty
Assistant Professor | Storyteller
It gives me a new perspective to things and is an interesting playback when I am doing my work.
Desinternauta stacked Rick And Morty
One of the best TV show ever.
Abhishek Uniyal
Abhishek Uniyal stacked Rick And Morty
I like to work on software products that people want. I a...
This show is one of my favs. I absolutely love the imagined worlds in the multiverse and the characters!
Deen stacked Rick And Morty
Digital Connoisseur. Part of In pursuit to s...
Best show ever.
Larla stacked Rick And Morty
Expert silver-lining-finder traversing the startup world ...
Best TV show ever WRITTEN (not produced - there's far better shows in terms of cinematography). In terms of the intersection of metaphilosophy meets comedy meets sci-fi, this quirky and sometimes raunchy cartoon takes the cake. I will 100% be rewatching this show into my 90's.
JiŇô√≠ Vicherek
JiŇô√≠ Vicherek¬†stacked¬†Rick And Morty
Passionate about communication and people, both live and ...
Best animated TV show ever made and one of the best TV shows ever made. Great humor and layers and layers of meta. :)
Kumar stacked Rick And Morty
coder. maker. hacker.
Cosmic nihilism!
Stefan stacked Rick And Morty
I help startups & companies validate, prototype and desig...
Best show ever!
Chaitanya Deorukhkar
Chaitanya Deorukhkar stacked Rick And Morty
Loves mobile, exploring web (very slowly)
Food for my existentialism
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