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Ale Donoso
Ale Donoso stacked Rework
Focused on Product and Team Management. Everything relate...
Simply awesome.
Fauzan Helmi S.
Fauzan Helmi S. stacked Rework
A scrappy product manager
I got to learn that it's ultimately the team culture that will break or make a company.
The little insights that give ideas to work better
Keegan J. Sard
Keegan J. Sard stacked Rework
Investments | Consulting | Real Estate | Startups Alum @...
Jason's vision is lightyears above the rest - This book is a must read and is a tie with their other best-seller Remote which is even more important in today's new world.
Joe Hootman
Dimiter Petrov
Dimiter Petrov stacked Rework
Designer during the day, batman during the night.
Simplicity and focus.
applicable stacked Rework
Just going with the flow.
Interesting take on things. Provides a different perspective
dVoka stacked Rework
I drink coffee, ride motorcycles, write code, and consume...
I read this a few years ago; great book! Time to pick it up and read again.
Shavin Peiries
Shavin Peiries stacked Rework
🧙 Co-Founder of Very Bad Wizards 🐱 Product Hunt Meetup Ho...
Helped us set values around how our business would work. I love the principles Jason and DHH have outlined. It's the best way to run a business without losing your humanity.
Sergio Monge
Sergio Monge stacked Rework
Entrepreneur. Love to code. Amateur Triathlete.
I love everything from BC. It really makes me think on how I was handeling my company
DailyTekk stacked Rework
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
While there are great individual takeaways, perhaps the biggest is just the idea of thinking differently than the herd.
Ricardo MatosJensen Briley
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