Move and resize windows in macOS
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I don’t know, how else I could’ve managed my workstation with multiple desktops
Stefan Erschwendner
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Best app to organize your screen from your keyboard
Aarón García
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The perfect window manager for macOS. Free and open source 😄
Ben Junya
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Easy to size up my windows on my Mac. I split my views often, and as a front end developer, it's nice to have the mock/sketch/photoshop file right next to my local dev environment. This is the perfect tool for a front end dev's screen/window setup.
Stefan Natter
Marc PM
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Best window manager, beats Magnet with successive 1/3 divisions and adjustable height and width, free and opensource.
Ben Church
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My new replacement for Spectacle, currently the best MacOS windows manager out there
Manage windows without touching the trackpad
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