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Wojciech Waśniewski
Wojciech Waśniewski stacked Readwise
Coach education and sport development. CPG Education Mana...
Auto-import from Kindle and Pocket & auto-export to Evernote is a game-changer
Tom Kirkendall
Tom Kirkendall stacked Readwise
Lawyer in private practice in Houston. Bold in thought, p...
A wonderful note-taking app for digital media. Integrates well with Roam Research.
Victor Kozlov
Victor Kozlov stacked Readwise
IT Entrepreneur. Co-founder of Reksoft, OZON.RU, CleverPu...
Very useful for regular re-reading of my notes and highlights from the books, that I read.
Sam Rukeyser
Sam Rukeyser stacked Readwise
Airr co-founder, interested in tools that can help me lea...
Kindle highlight without Readwise? Pretty much useless. With Readwise? One of the most valuable ways to retain more of what I'm reading and learning.
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo Campos stacked Readwise
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
Helps me retain more of what I read
Victoria Teasdale
Victoria Teasdale stacked Readwise
Workflow design coach for diverse thinkers. Mama to 2 SEN...
I consume written information from so many different apps on different devices. Readwise does a fantastic job of getting everything in one place with the added bonus of resurfacing them randomly.
Marissa DeMilio
Marissa DeMilio stacked Readwise
Compulsive question-asker
Super painless way to retain what you read and integrate the knowledge over time.
Ryan HooverMusaab A. HusseinJoel
Andy McIlwain
Andy McIlwain stacked Readwise
Content wrangler and community builder at #GoDaddyPro. #s...
Helps me get more mileage out of my Pocket highlights.
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy stacked Readwise
Ad Ops and Community Team @Brave. Love non-fiction, self-...
This resurfaces my favorite quotes (and books!) that I've completely forgotten about over the last few years. Sometimes, they're timed very well.
Stefan NatterTiffany Williams
Joe Hootman
Joe Hootman stacked Readwise
Love to make computers think about data, write code, craf...
Triples the value of ideas unlocked from reading.
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