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Ben Kenney
Ben Kenney stacked Readwise
"Starting something new" is what people seem to say. Prio...
Central repo of book and podcast notes before linking to Roam. Solid product.
Anton Blagov
Anton Blagov stacked Readwise
Russian in Bcn | #Marketing manager at @biglelegal | #Saa...
Readwise completely transformed the way I read books and process my highlights.
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis stacked Readwise
Security Program Manager @Microsoft #Dyn365BC (personal f...
Superb clippings and highlights aggregator.
Juan Christoferson
Juan Christoferson stacked Readwise
A lawyer, learning how to write to help me think.
crucial parts of my workflow. integrations with a lot of applications.
Vik Duggal
Vik Duggal stacked Readwise
I write a newsletter at
Don't let your Kindle highlights disappear. Readwise surfaces highlights daily; it allows me to review and keep highlights - even from books I borrow from Libby. Increase the serendipity of my writing and has me always coming from a place of abundance. A thinking sidekick.
Juan Cifrian
Juan Cifrian stacked Readwise
Language coach for Brazilians 👨🏻‍💻🇧🇷 Biz coach for online tea...
Seamless spaced repetition for Kindle and web highlights
Tristan Homsi
Wojciech Waśniewski
Wojciech Waśniewski stacked Readwise
Coach education and sport development. CPG Education Mana...
Auto-import from Kindle and Pocket & auto-export to Evernote is a game-changer
Tom Kirkendall
Tom Kirkendall stacked Readwise
Lawyer in private practice in Houston. Bold in thought, p...
A wonderful note-taking app for digital media. Integrates well with Roam Research.
Tristan Homsi
Victor Kozlov
Victor Kozlov stacked Readwise
IT Entrepreneur. Co-founder of Reksoft, OZON.RU, CleverPu...
Very useful for regular re-reading of my notes and highlights from the books, that I read.
Sam Rukeyser
Sam Rukeyser stacked Readwise
Airr co-founder, interested in tools that can help me lea...
Kindle highlight without Readwise? Pretty much useless. With Readwise? One of the most valuable ways to retain more of what I'm reading and learning.
Tristan Homsi
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