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Every happy customer starts with great teamwork.
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Jason G
Jason G stacked Quip
Growth at, previously building fitness apps. Als...
The search is pretty key vs other competitors I've used. Comment threads, and interlinking between docs is great. Embedding images/filetypes + having long documents not consume a ton of resources on my machine needs a bit of work though.
I Love Fortunes, LLC
I Love Fortunes, LLC stacked Quip
I Love Fortunes, LLC is a resource devoted to teaching fo...
Anything that competes with Google is a real plus in my book. ;-)
Fatima Rizwan
Fatima Rizwan stacked Quip
democratizing access to education 🔮🧩🌈 Prev: @TechJuicePK
It is a fantastic document collaboration tool. I started using it 3 months of its launch and have been using it ever since. It is a perfect tool for teams to work together and have real-time feedback and collab.
AaronEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Alison Robinson
Alison Robinson stacked Quip
Christian short-term missionary, Photography enthusiast, ...
Useful, easy to use, note taking app that I can use across apple and android devices.
Don't have to deal with formatting decision fatigue
YS Chung
YS Chung stacked Quip
Interaction designer
It has real spreadsheets when compared to similar note-taking or team wiki software
mcozy stacked Quip
Director of Product. Part-time Angel. Full-time Dad. Form...
The best cloud-based document app with a clean, easy to use UI and lots of helpful widgets and integrations.
Kapil Kale
Kapil Kale stacked Quip
free (startup) ideas /// @angellist talent
Simpler Google docs. Gives up some of the power features in exchange for something easier to use. Sensible formatting defaults so everything looks good.
Amit Matani
Amit Matani stacked Quip
Building things @AngelList.
It's my IDE
Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag stacked Quip
Growth at Opal 💎 Prev: Head of Social at Product Hunt 🐱
We use Quip at Product Hunt to manage most of our documents and briefs.
Brendan Weinstein
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