Control your Mac with keystrokes alone
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QS used to be one of the first things I added to any mac, but I fell away from using it when it seemed to go into dev limbo. But now it's back, and so am I!
Ethan stacked Quicksilver
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This app alone has made my workflow SO much faster. The interface feels a bit dated, but don't let that fool you. I've set up hotkeys so I can switch to any of my most used applications instantly with a keypress. It also makes it super quick to find and open browser bookmarks.
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Richard Nwankwo
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I like quicksilver because it makes navigation between applications and files quick and easy
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Ali Engin
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Just downloaded and am going to try it...
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I use Quicksilver keyboard shortcuts (Triggers) to switch between apps. There is also a dope setting in “General -> Extras -> Hide other applications when switching applications.” This keeps your screen tidy by hiding other applications every time you switch to a new one.
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