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Nathan Sudds
Nathan SuddsĀ stackedĀ productboard
I'm a coach. consultant. biz owner. husband. food lover. ...
It's such a powerful tool for getting clear on what to build for products -- with the community and user in mind! Favorite feature is being able to highlight a very specific line in a user's communication anywhere and connect it to a Job to be Done or feature request.
Johannes Ebeling
Johannes EbelingĀ stackedĀ productboard
Software Developer and enthusiast from Germany
Good overview and structure to make informed decisions
Matsukatov Roman
Matsukatov RomanĀ stackedĀ productboard
I am a Product Manager and I'm passionate about optimizin...
excellent fits in gathering feedback from users
NandoĀ stackedĀ productboard
Hey there! I am Fernando, and I currently work as a Produ...
Excellent for associating feedback to the product backlog.
Justin Isbell
Justin IsbellĀ stackedĀ productboard
I'm a software engineering manager for the innovation tea...
It directly integrates the feedback into our product management life-cycle so it helps keep the user front and center.
Jean-Malo Le Dreff
Jean-Malo Le DreffĀ stackedĀ productboard
French living by the sea.
Do the job
xfalaiseĀ stackedĀ productboard
Fantastic tool to collect feedback, prioritize features and align everyone with the roadmap
Gregory Guilloth
Gregory GuillothĀ stackedĀ productboard
Mobile @aircall
Easy to synchronize with other tools where feedback comes from!
Derek Browers
Derek BrowersĀ stackedĀ productboard
Head of product @MomentFeed. Brazilian jiu jitsu dilettan...
Their killer feature is being able to go back and tag specific notes from a user feedback session to different features. Addressed such a massive pain point for me.
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