By Ray Dalio
Alex BassolimitchellauMariel Vargas
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Alex Bass
Alex Bass stacked Principles
Founder & CEO at CyberBytes + Podcast Host at Analysis Pa...
Ray Dalio is a smart man, over-encompasses business and life.
Mariel Vargas
Mariel Vargas stacked Principles
I’m a curious startup founder and former Search PM.
Framework for how to live and work.
Rui Zhi Dong
Rui Zhi Dong stacked Principles
Better framework for decision making
Francisco Miguel Loureiro
Francisco Miguel Loureiro stacked Principles
Working in Finance, with interests in investments, tech, ...
It’s not often that we have someone as accomplished and insightful openly sharing the experiences, approaches and principles acquired through life. Numerous ideas and quotes worth keeping.
Jaydev Karande
Jaydev Karande stacked Principles
A loving Father, Husband, Son and Friend whose purpose in...
See above.
Karl Larson
Karl Larson stacked Principles
It spurred me to write down my own principles. They help me live better and I update them at least quarterly.
Jiří Vicherek
Jiří Vicherek stacked Principles
Passionate about communication and people, both live and ...
I loved the first half about personal principles, not so much the second, cause it seemed that he takes his employees merely as resources. But this book is SO different than all the others I’ve read and I took notes of almost every page (first half). I often come back to it.
NavalRadoslav StankovMinh LC
Minh LC
Minh LC stacked Principles
One of best book. Very good principles to follow.
Brijesh stacked Principles
Always curious, always learning.
Ray is an amazing writer and lays out his principles of success
Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen stacked Principles
student @Princeton // athlete @PrincetonTennis // founder...
It's a different way of thinking than most people approach life (I would imagine)
Anna GrigoryanMinh LC
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