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Kimball Frank Wirig
Kimball Frank Wirig stacked Principle
Boom boom boom
Still an incredible tool for easy screen-to-screen animations
Olivier Desmoulin
Olivier Desmoulin stacked Principle
Designing @cappuccino_fm @JumboPrivacy. Prev Head of Desi...
One of my favorite prototyping tools to create very rich interactions/animations. Very convenient to use with sketch. Import from Figma is a bit less practical though
Anthony Piazza
Anthony Piazza stacked Principle
I've been practicing design for the last 20 or so years, ...
I am a sucker for a tight little animation
j ka
j ka stacked Principle
i like making stuff for the interweb
nice animations ya
Kieron Kevan
Kieron Kevan stacked Principle
I'm a UX designer living in Liverpool. I love design, lea...
I’m torn between this and ProtoPie for my prototyping needs, they both have an amazing feature set and are really easy to use.
Denis Ozdemir
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Principle
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
Love the simplicity of Principle, makes creating prototypes fairly easy. Especially if you're new to animation.
Kieron KevanCalum Webb
Angela stacked Principle
UX Designer • quietly doing freelance work since ‘07 • to...
Best simple tool for quick animations and prototyping
John Patrick
John Patrick stacked Principle
Product designer @Atlassian, working to make Jira simply ...
I'm sure everyone knows about this tool... but defs under used imo. Easily create detailed interactions without the weight of programs like AE.
Buck stacked Principle
⌁ I design software for early stage startups. ⌁ Founded @...
Easiest tool for prototyping transition and animation
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