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Kyle Hess
Kyle Hess stacked Pocket Casts
Product @VeteransUnited
I’ve used quite a few different podcast apps, most recently I tried switching to Spotify. Pocket Casts is SO MUCH BETTER. Great ability to filter. Easy to setup downloads. Has everything you’d need.
Manny stacked Pocket Casts
Seattle gay geek sharing some of his favorite thingsQ!
Runs on every major platform. Very nice interface. Chromecast AND Airplay.
Deen stacked Pocket Casts
Digital Connoisseur. In pursuit to stack my interests in ...
My go-to podcast player for many reasons. Been a user since the early days when it used to be a paid app but even after switching to subscription model, the app for iOS and Android haven't lost much of the features. Prefer Pocket Casts over any of the available ones out there.
rj stacked Pocket Casts
I work in 'high finance' lol - but am looking to hone my ...
has almost all the podcasts I listen to on it and syncs between web and phone.
Brendan stacked Pocket Casts
Need help getting documents from people? Onboarding new s...
1.5x speed listening
Niki Hirschler
Niki Hirschler stacked Pocket Casts
Its simple and organized.
Will Schenk
Will Schenk stacked Pocket Casts
Co-Founder of HappyFunCorp.
The upnext in the car, and play on the computer is so nice. From computer, to car, to train it's all smoooooth.
Maxime Armand
Maxime Armand stacked Pocket Casts
Geek inventing new ways of living in cities
I turned to pocket casts because it lets you accelerate podcasts. The search does not work well and recommendations are not the best. Still looking for a better player. Open to recommendations
Kishore Bhargava
Kishore Bhargava stacked Pocket Casts
Confirmed Geek, Wanna Be Photographer, Perpetual Learner,...
Cross-platform podcast app, Discover new stuff, sync across devices
Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis stacked Pocket Casts
Yo! Jon is a product marketing manager at CIRA (the folks...
I'm listening to a ton of podcasts these days, and Pocket Casts is the only one that looks good while automagically cleaning out old podcasts I'm done listening to.
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