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Simon stacked Pocket Casts
digital organiser + creative jack-of-all-trades // perth,...
Option to set playback/archiving/download options per podcast, good curation of shows, clean UI, great customer support and grandfathered lifetime subscriptions for previous purchasers.
Ong Pek Bun
Ong Pek Bun stacked Pocket Casts
Long Time Software Developer. Love to try new stuff to op...
Focus solely on optimizing experience of listen podcast. Can quickly pick up shows into listening queue and skip and boost sound quality.
Jeremy Poland
Jeremy Poland stacked Pocket Casts
Marketer | Dream Hunter
Easy of use, access on mobile and desktop. Saved shows!
chaos(erena) stacked Pocket Casts
hi! I'm a venn diagram of thinking about tech, education,...
Trim silence, etc.
Piyush Sonar
Piyush Sonar stacked Pocket Casts
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
My favorite cross-platform podcasting app. Treats podcasts the way I like as an Old, but syncs across Android, iPhone, and the web.
Rosano stacked Pocket Casts
music | technology | design
Keeps a history of every episode I've heard whether subscribed or not. It can also play imported audio files.
Güven stacked Pocket Casts
Design @AppSamurai
I love to use this app. Because player experience is good for me. For example you can swipe left on the player and see notes and section quickly in the same screen. And they have good suggestions in the search page. Also have some cool theme colors.
YoEmeer stacked Pocket Casts
Software engineer PNW
Best Podcast app period!!
Jeffery Mohr
Jeffery Mohr stacked Pocket Casts
hi, I'm me.
its the best
Knight Photography
Knight Photography stacked Pocket Casts
Love a good app and always on the look out for anything t...
Simple layout and OK suggestions. Good to save what you want to listen to.
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