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Knight Photography
Knight Photography stacked Pocket Casts
Love a good app and always on the look out for anything t...
Simple layout and OK suggestions. Good to save what you want to listen to.
Brennon Denny
Brennon Denny stacked Pocket Casts
Has everything I need. Been using it for years.
K stacked Pocket Casts
Making and breaking things
Best cross platform pod catcher
Ian Patterson, Socially Distant
Ian Patterson, Socially Distant stacked Pocket Casts
London IT chap. Never knowingly undergeeked.
Great at managing what I listen to next. Great at helping me find in my podcasts what I want next.
Ben Kenney
Ben Kenney stacked Pocket Casts
"Starting something new" is what people seem to say. Prio...
Lists, filters
Juan Carrillo
Juan Carrillo stacked Pocket Casts
Software Engineer
Every single Podcasts app UI is trash except for Pocket Casts. I also like how Pocket Casts manage downloads. If you have the money and really like consuming podcasts, pay for the subscription or at least try it, they have a free trial too.
zac stacked Pocket Casts
a learner
Calcutta Puri
Calcutta Puri stacked Pocket Casts
peach breeder
Best Android experience for podcasts. Discovered a bunch of cool, new podcasts. Shows podcasts by popularity in different countries.
Vishal Kumaraswamy
Vishal Kumaraswamy stacked Pocket Casts
new media artist, filmmaker, motorcyclist
clean and simple UI, lightning fast and superb handoff across devices
Debob stacked Pocket Casts
Debob is your smart depop assistant and ultimate depop sa...
The Filters feature is my favorite feature.
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