A knowledge-sharing platform for organizing links.
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I love designing data driven interfaces that make user in...
I mostly use Pincone to share useful links with my team. It's like a bookmark manager but smarter and more categorized. We no longer have to scroll through 10,000 messages, or randomly search to find a certain link that we need to revisit 🥰.
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Lea Metlicic
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A psychology student dabbling in marketing 👩🏻‍💻
I use it to safe-keep links, reads, stories, and articles I like and the ones that I share with my team. Its design is nice and user friendly. Plus, it's free for small teams!
Ivan Bozic
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CEO and Founder @
I use Pincone on a daily basis as a link-sharing tool, both by myself, personally with my family and as part of our company.
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