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Azra BihoracColin KeeleyJoe Gramc
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Azra Bihorac
Azra Bihorac stacked Oura
CyberEmpath, Physician Data Scientist, Intensivist-Nephro...
Absolutely the best investment ever. I own it since their inception. I have tracked two episodes of flu using temperature tracking-both times minor increase in fever reflected disease. Sleep tracking and readiness level have provided me with incredible insight.
Azra Bihorac
Colin Keeley
Colin Keeley stacked Oura
Early Stage VC, Founder @TechInChicago, @Macalester / @Ch...
Most accurate sleep tracker out there. Love the form factor.
Joe Gramc
Joe Gramc stacked Oura
Lover of Cleveland, Food, Travel, Tech. #PSUAlum, @clevel...
Stylish sleep tracker. No one will know it's even a wearable and gives great insight to track, monitor, quantify sleep habits.
Aaron Chiandet
Aaron Chiandet stacked Oura
Shapes, colors, and math. Product Manager @SpyFu
Best sleep tracker available.
Jordan Carlisle
Jordan Carlisle stacked Oura
Live Virtuously. 🧠🍱🏋🏻‍♂️🏔📚🖥📈 VP of Econ Dev and Entrep @great...
Oura is my go-to sleep tracker.
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose stacked Oura
Partner at @trueventures. Builder of products.
My favorite sleep tracker.
Britt Selvitelle
Britt Selvitelle stacked Oura
i like playing outside and inside. joyful vegan.
I can't sleep with something on my wrist, so Oura is a great fit for measuring sleep.
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Dave Morin
Dave Morin stacked Oura
Best health wearable on the market, by far. One of the only electronic devices that has changed the way I make decisions about my health. Oura is specifically focused on sleep, which is the most important variable to focus on first when trying to improve your health.
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Kasim Te
Kasim Te stacked Oura
Encourages better sleep habits.
Shripriya Mahesh
Shripriya Mahesh stacked Oura
Venture capital for the things that make life worth livin...
Most accurate sleep tracking
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