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Steven Goldberg
Steven GoldbergĀ stackedĀ Oura
Health and happiness pursuer.
The Oura app is my compass for the day. I make all of my fitness and activity decisions from my daily metrics.
jezintimeĀ stackedĀ Oura
Creator of joyful things šŸ¤–
Makes sleep a priority for me.
Christian Modery
Christian ModeryĀ stackedĀ Oura
Aspiring skill stacker.
Sleep and activity tracker with daily recommendations and weekly trends.
Marco Ferrari
Marco FerrariĀ stackedĀ Oura
Co-founder of @UseHammock, the first current account for ...
The ring is easy to wear, the battery lasts for a long time, and the app displays the results of the tracking in a very clear and intuitive way. The trends view is what makes the real difference: observing the changes in one's wellbeing over time is powerful
Mike Lapidakis
Mike LapidakisĀ stackedĀ Oura
Miss travel, obsess over new tech, try my hand at photogr...
The only way I've had success tracking sleep, even if it thinks I'm awake 10% of every night (I'm not, I'm asleep).
Stanley Hataria
Stanley HatariaĀ stackedĀ Oura
If you care about your sleep this is the first product i would buy
marco marandiz
marco marandizĀ stackedĀ Oura
Social Commerce. Cofounder and Head of Marketing @ Elliot...
Helps me understanding my sleep better, and what activities help me get the best rest.
Campbell BaronRyan Hoover
Andrew Maltin
Andrew MaltinĀ stackedĀ Oura
Tracks my sleep
Tony Conrad
Tony ConradĀ stackedĀ Oura
Partner at True Ventures. Holder of Parking Karma and Ove...
I am data driven and Oura is easily the most accurate sleep tracker. Since it's a ring, it's always on so you get consistent data every night.
Aleksandra Smelianska
Sam Rukeyser
Sam RukeyserĀ stackedĀ Oura
Airr co-founder, interested in tools that can help me lea...
The best wearable I've used for sleep tracking, but sizing is super important (even slightly too large and it will slip off during the night). Get their sizing kit before ordering. Only caveat, it's useless during the day.
AltafAlexandre MouriecJack Smith
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