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Stanley Hataria
Stanley Hataria stacked Oura
If you care about your sleep this is the first product i would buy
marco marandiz
marco marandiz stacked Oura
Social Commerce. Cofounder and Head of Marketing @ Elliot...
Helps me understanding my sleep better, and what activities help me get the best rest.
Ryan Hoover
Andrew Maltin
Andrew Maltin stacked Oura
Tracks my sleep
Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad stacked Oura
Partner at True Ventures. Holder of Parking Karma and Ove...
I am data driven and Oura is easily the most accurate sleep tracker. Since it's a ring, it's always on so you get consistent data every night.
Aleksandra Smelianska
Sam Rukeyser
Sam Rukeyser stacked Oura
Airr co-founder, interested in tools that can help me lea...
The best wearable I've used for sleep tracking, but sizing is super important (even slightly too large and it will slip off during the night). Get their sizing kit before ordering. Only caveat, it's useless during the day.
AltafAlexandre MouriecJack Smith
Stefan stacked Oura
I help startups & companies validate, prototype and desig...
Sleep tracking done right.
Hillary. stacked Oura
PM :: Growth Consultant :: Currently working on @madetrade
I'm able to get a granular view of my sleep quality and track progress toward improving quality over time.
Chris Newman
Chris Newman stacked Oura
Product @ Pandora, dad to amazing daughter, Bay Area nati...
Accurate, reliable, biometrics and insights. Mainly use it for sleep tracking. Love the detailed charts and explanations.
Justin Chen
Justin Chen stacked Oura
Tells me to go to bed and not drink so much.
Tomi Juhola
Tomi Juhola stacked Oura
Software professional working currently with things like ...
Explains why I'm tired and feeling not-so-full-of-energy... Very actionable insights from a device with perfect form factor.
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