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Dan Barrett
Dan Barrett stacked Oura
Head nerd at AdWords Nerds. PPC, SEO, CRO, and other anno...
Only look at your data if you’re going to change your behavior. But even if you don’t need that data now, it’s good to track it for when you need it.
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre stacked Oura
Entrepreneur and DIY’er. Father and runner. Passionate co...
An unobtrusive daily feedback device that lets me associate the way I’m feeling to real data.
David Fricia
David Fricia stacked Oura
Computer Scientist from California, now living in Tenness...
Too cool.
Yaroslav Sinko
Yaroslav Sinko stacked Oura
Learning to build great products
One of the few tech products that is focused on improving your wellbeing, not fight for your attention. Good for experimenting with lifestyle changes based on the actual data
Remi Valade
Remi Valade stacked Oura
Tech addict since the youngest age, I currently work in D...
Takes less space then a smart watch, nice looking, gorgeous app !
RealVikingBlood - Lifter|Alpha|Creator|Finance
RealVikingBlood - Lifter|Alpha|Creator|Finance stacked Oura
Norwegian noob solopreneur that will quit 9-5 to live off...
Watcher of sleep, bonus for confirming fevers. Tipped me off to go to the doc for a sleep checkup - turns out I have apnea + another condition! Great investment.
Magic Hans
Magic Hans stacked Oura
Digital service development connoisseur, technical fx + c...
Looks fly, tracks sleep data in a great way
bryan stacked Oura
Dad. Nerd. Fixer of things. Breaker of things. Maker of t...
I really love all of the data points. But the biggest reason I have for using an Oura ring, consistently, is how small it is. I am not a big fan of wearing my watch to sleep.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy stacked Oura
Dogs. Saunas. Beer. Photography. Meditation.
HRV and sleep tracking
Spencer ODell
Spencer ODell stacked Oura
I’m a designer who's super curious about the world. In ad...
It makes improving sleep tangible.
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