OneTab instantly frees up to 95 percent of memory in Google.
dale whaleTrevor King{ cengkuru }
90 people use OneTab. Do you?

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dale whale
dale whale stacked OneTab
hi i'm dale
It's amazing and saves all my memory every day
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo stacked OneTab
About me!
Krisztian Gyuris
Krisztian Gyuris stacked OneTab
NoCode maker
It allows me to store unused browser tab on one page. It works like magic :)
Chris Franco
Chris Franco stacked OneTab
Founder of Woodridge Growth.
Best way to eliminate distractions.
Cory Childs
Cory Childs stacked OneTab
Arete Sport President
Keeps my tabs in check.
Maurizio Wagenhaus
Maurizio Wagenhaus stacked OneTab
makes me less chaotic
KRISTIE HUANG stacked OneTab
bettering the blockchain space @she_256, building @facebo...
50+ nasty Chrome tabs -> saved into one beautiful extension w/ shareable sets of links.
Ranjithkumar Matheswaran
Ranjithkumar Matheswaran stacked OneTab
iOS Developer at SF based tech company. Loves to write co...
Helps me to keep my browser clean by closing all the tabs at once without losing the tabs.
Matt Bradburn
Matt Bradburn stacked OneTab
Pancake lover and HR person
Because chrome eats computers
Martin Bavio
Martin Bavio stacked OneTab
I'm a Senior UI Engineer in a constant search for great p...
Because I use so many tabs...
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