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Anuj Khandalikar
Anuj Khandalikar stacked OnePlus 6T
Human by nature, Creative by nurture :) Undergrad Student...
UI, Specs and ergonomics
APKBuilds stacked OnePlus 6T
APKBuilds is a powerful Android store that can offer a wi...
Srivatsa Mudumdy
Srivatsa Mudumdy stacked OnePlus 6T
Early Adaptor. Visual Learner. Entrepreneur. Design afici...
Love Oneplus!
Daniel Ostapenko
Maxim Matveyko
Maxim Matveyko stacked OnePlus 6T
Online publishing and operations for PC MMO games
Great Android phone for a good price tag as of 2 years ago. Still actual, running all the power-hungry apps for me. I didn't want to invest in the 7th series, now looking closely at OnePlus 8 Pro which seems to be a very good flagship with all the boxes ticked.
Hossam Mourad
Hossam Mourad stacked OnePlus 6T
JavaScript Engineer @FullscriptHQ
Elegant software UI. Cheep. Fast.
Alexander Kwok 郭智光
Alexander Kwok 郭智光 stacked OnePlus 6T
Tionghoa, Polymath, Student, Optimist, GBiRQ&A*, Eagle Sc...
Good bang for my buck - snappy performance, routine security & OS updates, plenty of space, and a great camera! That it was one of the first phones compatible with T-Mobile's LTE 600 Band, is fully supported by them, & has a built-in fingerprint reader was a plus!
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