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Tim Feeley
Tim Feeley stacked Peloton
Hi, I'm Tim Feeley! I'm a Product Manager @Google. Before...
Engaging, challenging workouts, heavily steeped in positivity and motivation. Plus, the onboarding experience is great!
Azra Bihorac
Azra Bihorac stacked Peloton
CyberEmpath, Physician Data Scientist, Intensivist-Nephro...
Inspiring, convenient, beautiful.
Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad stacked Peloton
Partner at True Ventures. Holder of Parking Karma and Ove...
Alex Toussaint is amazing. Beautiful product, the experience starts with their installation team, honestly an unparalleled service. Good vibes all around, music, encouragement, meaningful exercise all rolled into one peloton.
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Daniel Waldron
Daniel Waldron stacked Peloton – previously Aura Frames, Omada Health & Socia...
They’ve really figured out how to keep me using the bike and taking the classes they offer by having challenges and events to participate in. The variety of classes offered with the convenience of it being in my home makes it hard to not use it, in return keeping my cardio up!
Conor M Ogle
Conor M Ogle stacked Peloton
Brit in NYC
Don't have bike or tread, but use App with equipment wherever I am. The running, bootcamp, stretching and yoga classes particularly are excellent. Find the continuous coaching more effective than Nike Run Club or Nike Training Club,.
Shripriya Mahesh
Shripriya Mahesh stacked Peloton
Venture capital for the things that make life worth livin...
Love almost everything about the bike. Had it since 2015 and it keeps getting better with software updates. My only wish was that it was slightly bit more accommodating to shorter people, but that's a hardware fix if it every happens (move seat closer, particularly)
TrionData stacked Peloton
Sales Data Intelligence Platform
Alex Rainert
Alex Rainert stacked Peloton
Head of Product & Design @NYTimes. Husband to @superkb, f...
Got the bike in Sept and since then have averaged a workout every 2 days - far FAR better than where I was before. The classes are great. The UI is great. The new social challenges are fun. Best of all, no excuses not to work out.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Naval
Gordon Corte
Gordon Corte stacked Peloton
Talent Manager at McCann Erickson, former agent at ICM, f...
Actually my wife does.
Nate stacked Peloton
Craftsman | Futurist | Longboarder What I can be, I must...
Challenging classes and easy way to track metrics ride over ride for improvement
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