Oculus Quest
All-in-one gaming system for virtual reality
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Andrew MolloyMatt GunninSarah A. Downey
32 people use Oculus Quest. Do you?


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Matt Gunnin
Matt Gunnin stacked Oculus Quest
Found & CEO of Esports One
Every night, I toss on my OQ, jump into Thrill of the Fight, and get in some of the best workouts I've had since the pandemic began.
Sarah A. Downey
Sarah A. Downey stacked Oculus Quest
Interests of a 17 year-old boy in the guise of an adult f...
The first truly consumer-friendly VR headset IMO because it's totally self-contained without any annoying wires hanging off your head and is reasonably priced for how powerful it is.
AnnaJake SteinermanAndrew
𝐋𝐞𝐨 stacked Oculus Quest
Tech enthusiast, futurist & fanboy 🍎
Changed my WHOLE perspective on VR. (Could've had a better screen resolution but it's still pretty nice)
Igor stacked Oculus Quest
Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.
Play Superhot!!!!!!!!!
Calum Webb
Calum Webb stacked Oculus Quest
Community at Product Hunt + YourStack 😺
Bought an Oculus Quest after the positive reviews for it, here on YourStack. You have incredible freedom using it, as it's completely wireless and got an in-built PC. It's admittedly heavy on the face it's a lot of fun to use and truly immersive!
Ryan HooverJake CrumpAaron
Sam Zhao
Sam Zhao stacked Oculus Quest
Marketing engineer.
Experience VR tether-free. I've fully loaded my Quest with basically every accessory useful enough to have. Now my Quest sits there gloriously collecting dust because freaking Animal Crossing came out.
Coleman FoleyPuša StudiosElen Udovichenko
Wireless, roomscale VR without "lighthouse" sensors is a game-changer. Factor in their Link option, which lets you plug it into your PC for more graphics-intensive games, and Quest is the clear best VR option for most people (hardcore flight/car sim people prob want an Index).
Brandon Titus
Brandon Titus stacked Oculus Quest
iOS Mobile Wrangler at Automattic | Avid hiker in Colorado 🌄
Feels as exciting as my first video game console or Game Boy felt years ago! I mostly play Table Tennis and Box with the Quest.
Linda Xie
Linda Xie stacked Oculus Quest
Co-founder @ScalarCapital. Previously Product Manager @Co...
It's mindblowing how good the Oculus Quest is. There's a lot of different types of games for everyone and can be a good workout for some of them. No wires or computer needed
Ryan HooverCalum WebbTanishq Sharma
TaylorIsHere stacked Oculus Quest
Esports Community Manager @Twitch. I also like Pro-wrestl...
Truly what VR should be. It, in my opinion, is not the most powerful, but certainly the most versatile.
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