Oculus Quest
All-in-one gaming system for virtual reality
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Wireless, roomscale VR without "lighthouse" sensors is a game-changer. Factor in their Link option, which lets you plug it into your PC for more graphics-intensive games, and Quest is the clear best VR option for most people (hardcore flight/car sim people prob want an Index).
Brandon Titus
Brandon Titus stacked Oculus Quest
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Feels as exciting as my first video game console or Game Boy felt years ago! I mostly play Table Tennis and Box with the Quest.
Linda Xie
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It's mindblowing how good the Oculus Quest is. There's a lot of different types of games for everyone and can be a good workout for some of them. No wires or computer needed
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Truly what VR should be. It, in my opinion, is not the most powerful, but certainly the most versatile.
Jake Steinerman
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Great way to escape the world, and break a sweat!
Elen Udovichenko
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A perfect choice for those who want to get a taste of VR without a risk of being choked by the wires :D Very convenient and easy to setup/use
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I’m not objective, since I worked on this product :) but it’s the VR headset that has never gathered dust.
Jake Steinerman
Frank Cona
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