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BH Dicaire
BH Dicaire stacked Obsidian
Hello, my name is BH Dicaire (pronounced “de-care”) and I...
Intriguing product category, ugly but really powerful
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason stacked Obsidian
I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. ...
Linked note taking with lots of great plugins to enhance your workflow. I especially like that all data is local and I can manipulate the output as needed which let’s me easily migrate portions to my website when I’m ready to share it.
adolfo stacked Obsidian
I put together word assortments and call them blogs and w...
It’s local and markdown-based. Plus, I ❤️ The internal linking it offers.
farbfoto stacked Obsidian
Nerd on productivity, digital-transformation, cooking and...
Simple way to connect notes and thoughts - and keeps the data for yourself.
Tony Dang
Tony Dang stacked Obsidian
Interested in discovering tools to create fast actionable...
2nd Brain
Kazi Ridwan
Kazi Ridwan stacked Obsidian
Full-stack Developer, UI/UX Designer, Product Manager
best personal productivity app
Yejun Su
Yejun Su stacked Obsidian
I use Obsidian to build my own wiki, files are synced with Dropbox. The plugin system works great.
Andrew Molloy
Andrew Molloy stacked Obsidian
Automation Wizard
Open access and flexibility with my data and notes
Ross stacked Obsidian
eCommerce Coordinator, business owner, podcaster and prod...
Looks better than competing apps, performs better than competing apps. You own your data. You can also install plugins and customize to your liking.
alexluka stacked Obsidian
thinking more
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