A second brain, for you, forever
Ong Pek BunJessy CormierYanay Zohar
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Ong Pek Bun
Ong Pek Bun stacked Obsidian
Long Time Software Developer. Love to try new stuff to op...
Keep notes in the Long term and lots of plugins to enhance experiences!
Yanay Zohar
Yanay Zohar stacked Obsidian
startups etc.
Awesome tool for knowledge base mastery. clean, fast, very customizable (css!), syncs well
janhenrigehrs stacked Obsidian
It me
nice link and link backs!
Ryan Eade
Ryan Eade stacked Obsidian
CTO at Get Spiffy, Inc. Love creating and building thing...
I am horrible at note taking and Obsidian gave me to tools to build a better note-taking flow for myself.
Michael R. Nall
Michael R. Nall stacked Obsidian
We connect all the best ways to MAXIMIZE private business...
just starting but, it seems to be the most comprehensive solution to-date
Sebastian Wilgosz
Sebastian Wilgosz stacked Obsidian
Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan stacked Obsidian
Co-Founder & CEO of RPA Tools | Infinite Possibilities.
Super robust on mobile!
Chad Caraway
Chad Caraway stacked Obsidian
Austin Redmon
Austin Redmon stacked Obsidian
Outspoken Activist Making Corporate...
It is not merely a "second brain." It is a physical manifestation of your brain. I take lots of small notes and snippets. I love being able to build links to other notes so easily
Badre KABBOU stacked Obsidian
COOL Staff xd
it has that science software touch, it uses at least the cool part, like the mapping feature. Besides, it's .md so no content lock in
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