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Daniel Doyon
Daniel Doyon stacked Obsidian
Co-founder of @readwiseio
So blazingly fast
vim keybindings, local, markdown, no lockin
Saadh S.
Saadh S. stacked Obsidian
Uh. Digital marketing. Affiliate & media buying. Programm...
Using Roam over this for now still
Spencer ODell
Spencer ODell stacked Obsidian
I’m a designer who's super curious about the world. In ad...
Local. Free. Easy to use.
Giorgio Parlato
Giorgio Parlato stacked Obsidian
Forever Student I quit my job to do what I love the most...
Great place to think, write and connect my thoughts.
Kate Z.
Kate Z. stacked Obsidian
ux, ui, speed, free: awesome
thomas stacked Obsidian
Frontend software engineer and global Texan
Still testing it out, but seems like a good markdown-based notes app.
Scott Scharl
Scott Scharl stacked Obsidian
aesthete • hepcat • tech dabbler • urbanist • work in fin...
Using it for notetaking! 100% free right now, and simple to use, but includes backlinks like Roam Research.
你的资料 stacked Obsidian
Multi Stack Developer.
Note Taking.
Thomas Vander Wal
Thomas Vander Wal stacked Obsidian
If we haven't met you will want to follow @infocloud. (I ...
I’m applying it to my large directory of notes I already have and it’s ability to easily interlink related notes with wiki-type linking and connect relevant materials, as well as offer a better method of taking notes on books and other sources has been insanely helpful.
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