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Blake Burch
Blake Burch stacked Obsidian
Enthusiast of new technology, digital media, automation a...
I have a terrible memory. Obsidian helps me do a better job of jotting down what's in my head so I can find and use it later.
Ruman Agarwal
Ruman Agarwal stacked Obsidian
Just an uncomplicated guy living in a complicated world. ...
A local markdown app for second brain workflow.
Edgaras stacked Obsidian
Service Design, digital product design and development, l...
My Second Brain.
🅵🆁🅲🆃KeRocketケロケット stacked Obsidian
The Best🌟 knowledge base app in the Universe🌀✨🚀 The neural network of graph view is like a second brain, and it can extract information very well You can.
kevin janada
kevin janada stacked Obsidian
Comp Sci Student. Software Engineer Intern
Backlinks and node view
Rajesh Kasturirangan
Rajesh Kasturirangan stacked Obsidian
Imagine, Make & Meditate
Best combination of markdown, wiki and backlinks and all rendered as text files that stay on my machine.
Abbabon | אבאבון
Abbabon | אבאבון stacked Obsidian
I am a Game Developer, and a long-time software engineer ...
Cleanliness and Open-Sourceness
Surya Dantuluri
Surya Dantuluri stacked Obsidian
building something new. previously intern @renovo_auto, @...
Yury Molodtsov
Yury Molodtsov stacked Obsidian
COO @ MA Family – PR for tech startups and VC firms.
Obsidian is the best app for personal knowledge management.
Frances stacked Obsidian
slice of life
Scalable solution to my personal admin and knowledge management system. The app evolves quickly. Lots of nice themes available now. Intuitive UI, better-looking layout than Roam which I tested for about a month.
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