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Anwesh Gangula
Anwesh Gangula stacked Obsidian
Data and Technology Enthusiast
Locally Hosted Note Taking with Backlinks, Graph view etc...
Joe Tay
Joe Tay stacked Obsidian
I like connecting things
Free, useful, files In my Harddrive
王磊 stacked Obsidian
Professionally Amateur
connect everything together
Nodus Labs
Nodus Labs stacked Obsidian
Network research and polysingularity enthusiast.
Great note-taking app that lets you connect notes to one another.
Rand Anderson
Rand Anderson stacked Obsidian
Co-founder of FrontRow Sports
At the top of my stack
Ian Branch
Ian Branch stacked Obsidian
UK-based gadgeteer and app lover. Love Apple, all things...
Love the ability to collect and organise large volume of written data.
Stefan Natter
Maxshownder stacked Obsidian
George Melekos
George Melekos stacked Obsidian
A 50-year old Proud Greek Running Metalhead and Computer ...
Best tool of its kind - and free! 👍
Alec Fokapu
Alec Fokapu stacked Obsidian
build stuff for fintech
markdown backlinking
Sridhar Katakam
Sridhar Katakam stacked Obsidian
I am a tech lover that is interested in increasing produc...
Stores locally with optional cloud (of your choice) sync, Markdown format, manual and automatic bidirectional linking using wikilinks, fast, constantly improved, feature-rich. Obsidian is my favorite personal information/life notes manager.
Stefan Natter
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