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V3ritas1337%27-- ⓋCamila HolandaUnoblogger
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V3ritas1337%27-- Ⓥ
V3ritas1337%27-- Ⓥ stacked Obsidian
Learning, sharing, experiencing, and pwning :)
Beautiful, sleek, easy to use, and helps with productivity! Wonderful piece of software :)
Stamati stacked Obsidian
I am a software engineer with a passion for technology, c...
Being a software engineer means continuing to learn new things. This is the best way to write ideas, thoughts, and notes down about different concepts and link them together for future reference.
benjamin evans
benjamin evans stacked Obsidian
Design leader @airbnb
Fast AF. Love the focus on text. Solid roam competitor
kumarmo2 stacked Obsidian
Full Time Full-Stack Developer, Part-Time Gamer
Markdown support is good. Graph view is nice, very configurable and comes with vim bindings(big win there).
Andrii stacked Obsidian
Frontend engineer from Eastern Europe Christian☦ and IT e...
Fast, powerful and allow to have direct access to files
Brage Bang
Brage Bang stacked Obsidian
The name's real, possibly Scandinavian. Sales Manager, ht...
Own your own data, customise infinitely, visualise beautifully.
cendenta stacked Obsidian
Ridiculously customizable second brain.
subter stacked Obsidian
Subter. Like invisible ink for your images
Markdown for the win. It does everything I need it to do.
osbyrne stacked Obsidian
i liked Lego and Yo-Gi-Ho cards as a kid
private, modular, quick and extensive : perfect app for most everything.
MRG.NYC stacked Obsidian
Real Estate & Technology. Two Passions. One Company.
Keeps me on track when working on multiple projects.
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