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你的资料 stacked Obsidian
Multi Stack Developer.
Note Taking.
Thomas Vander Wal
Thomas Vander Wal stacked Obsidian
If we haven't met you will want to follow @infocloud. (I ...
I’m applying it to my large directory of notes I already have and it’s ability to easily interlink related notes with wiki-type linking and connect relevant materials, as well as offer a better method of taking notes on books and other sources has been insanely helpful.
Mitch Dornich
Mitch Dornich stacked Obsidian
husband, father, explorer
still experimenting with it but appears to be very powerful
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson stacked Obsidian
Keeping websites fresh and secure for nonprofits and the ...
Basically everything that other have written - there's so much...two specifics: It's like Roam but free or inexpensive and I have control over where it's installed.
v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Obsidian
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
A Great Note taking app. Helps in finding connections between ideas. Best of all it is offline. The discord community is really helpful and great too.
Mike Connor
Mike Connor stacked Obsidian
Software developer in New Orleans
Open Graph view and markdown
Christopher Sherrod
Christopher Sherrod stacked Obsidian
Author, expat, entrepreneur
Easy to use and simple but enough features to be super useful.
Ehsan stacked Obsidian
dev at @BRDHQ, maker of @apphindsight, pixel pusher at @o...
More than just a notes app, it's more like a personal wiki. The fact that it uses markdown files on your file system instead of proprietary cloud storage is a real plus.
ajv stacked Obsidian
web application developer from Estonia
Love Markdown, pairs nicely with Git & is easy on the eyes!
Anwesh Gangula
Anwesh Gangula stacked Obsidian
Data and Technology Enthusiast
Locally Hosted Note Taking with Backlinks, Graph view etc...
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