A second brain, for you, forever
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Brian .
Brian . stacked Obsidian
People Data Tech
A beautiful yet customizable way to store your notes that regardless of what happens will leave you with a markdown copy.
undefault cube
undefault cube stacked Obsidian
coder who likes bread
it's simple and super easy
Secure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PC
Secure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PC stacked Obsidian
Introvert | INTP | Coffee Person
Good for connecting ideas. True second brain
Emerson Volkova
Emerson Volkova stacked Obsidian
Currently a barista at Foxtail Coffee Co in Orlando, FL. ...
This quite literally is my second brain. A staple in my workflow and the center of my digitized thoughts.
Yuri Moreno
Yuri Moreno stacked Obsidian
me? ->
Best note taking app that I ever used! ūüíú
Casey stacked Obsidian
I am here
Keeps my thoughts organized and searchable
EA Villas
EA Villas stacked Obsidian
Im a finance professional. I love quality tech products.
Open, fast, and always updating.
janac stacked Obsidian
VIM support
7hunderbird stacked Obsidian
Not sharing right now.
I've wanted this app for twenty years and to see it exist now has me so excited!
BH Dicaire
BH Dicaire stacked Obsidian
Hello, my name is BH Dicaire (pronounced ‚Äúde-care‚ÄĚ) and I...
Intriguing product category, ugly but really powerful
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