A second brain, for you, forever
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alexluka stacked Obsidian
thinking more
Mohit Garg
Mohit Garg stacked Obsidian
On a journey of Self-Mastery with no defined beginning, m...
Vim Keybinding and Local Storage
Susan Pearson
Susan Pearson stacked Obsidian
I'm a blogger and a productivity geek living with a chron...
Living with Fibro means I can suffer from brain fog. Obsidian is my app of choice to begin constructing my second brain to stay on top of everything I need to remember.
Kmarko stacked Obsidian
Writer and blogger. NYC.
its dope
It's my second brain
Oussama Bezzad
Oussama Bezzad stacked Obsidian
Hey guys, I am excited to see products you love and share...
It is simply my second brain
Marco Sieben
Marco Sieben stacked Obsidian
Just an old guy trying to stay active
Best PKM
Jan F. Spörer
Jan F. Spörer stacked Obsidian
Data scientist and software developer. Former finance guy.
Open, non-profit, reliable (no lock-in), transparent, git-compatible, software dev-friendly.
Fibré stacked Obsidian
I'm a web developer residing in Melbourne, Australia.
It's highly user-centric. Allows the user to customize it and use it in their own way. It's also very BS-free and community supported.
Nikita Khomitsevych
Nikita Khomitsevych stacked Obsidian
iOS Software Engineer @ Lector @ robotdreams...
I have used every day permanently to tackle all my fairs -- work and personal as well. Also Obsidian supports me as my second brain so I'm writing any things, keep it there and with some minimal amount of data I can figure out new ideas!
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