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Numi is a beautiful calculator app for mac by @nikolaeu
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Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez stacked Numi
Product Manager @ TrueHome
Numi is an always there calculator that allows me to make everything from simple additions, to variable-focused calculations. It also does several conversions (currency, measurements, etc.)
Aarón García
Aarón García stacked Numi
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A beautiful calculator. One of that macOS small, useful and delightful mini apps.
Laurynas Keturakis
Laurynas Keturakis stacked Numi
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I never learned to count percentages anyway.
jake stacked Numi
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I use it but I usually end up using Alfred or Google
naveen stacked Numi
the best calculator app i've ever used in my life
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Sarah Kuehnle
Sarah Kuehnle stacked Numi
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A natural calculator that saves your history, allows you to mark up calculations with notes. Super lightweight and easy to trigger with keyboard shortcuts.
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Filip Kowalski
Filip Kowalski stacked Numi
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I've found this tool here and I absolutely love it. Super simple. Good for quick calculations. Good for bigger calculations. Currency converter and variables is a great feature.
Melad Javadi
Melad Javadi stacked Numi
Freelance Front-end Web Developer and Supergeek
allows a running calculator with variables and history. great for budget and calculations that rely on other calculations
Young Lee
Young Lee stacked Numi
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Beautiful calculator.
Angel Chen
Angel Chen stacked Numi
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Nifty little calculator app that lets you create variables, and handles currencies. Great for those times when a spreadsheet would be total overkill, but the basic calculator isn't enough. Naming and reusing variables as inputs makes it such a breeze!
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