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Mike Connor
Mike Connor stacked Nextjs
Software developer in New Orleans
Martin Bavio
Martin Bavio stacked Nextjs
I'm a Senior UI Engineer in a constant search for great p...
It allows you to build complex websites in the most coherent way.
Graeme Fulton
Graeme Fulton stacked Nextjs
✍️ Writing letters with 💌 | making...
The best! Works great with Wordpress lol
Ali Salah
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper stacked Nextjs
Web developer
Best way to build server side rendered React apps
Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Nextjs
✏️ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
My go-to for building React applications. Simple to get started with, powerful once you gain confidence. Also has a welcoming open source community
Graeme Fulton
Stefan Natter
Stefan Natter stacked Nextjs
I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS,...
Create. Build. Deploy. It's just as simple as that with NextJS.
SunskyXH stacked Nextjs
Frontend Dev
Powerful SSR React framework
Jonathan James
Jonathan James stacked Nextjs
making moves
Alexandra Girard
Alexandra Girard stacked Nextjs
current intern @Zillow, studying software eng @uwaterloo
Server-rendered applications with hot code reloading for faster and more efficient projects
jake stacked Nextjs
exploring the intersection of #design and #technology
Incremental builds and really fast. Learning React just to use it instead of Vue.
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