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The next-generation DNS service.
TheoPaul StamatiouKostas Christidis
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Theo stacked NextDNS
co-founder @ multis.co
block unwanted queries at the DNS level - around 10% of all queries in my case
Bibin Mohan
Bibin Mohan stacked NextDNS
Developer, software, husband, dad, home tutor
Simple but awesome controls over trackers.
Am Sagarwala
Am Sagarwala stacked NextDNS
Thinker and tinkerer of all things #digital. Digital Expe...
It’s allowed all my devices to have ad blocking across all apps. iAds no more!
Paul Stamatiou
Paul Stamatiou stacked NextDNS
Designer @Twitter. Instagram.com/pstamatiou
Like a cloud-hosted Pi-hole - you can control how your network blocks ads, trackers, malware, and known phishing domains, as well as manually control whitelists/blacklists, redirects and so on. There's also an iOS app to use as VPN for LTE connections.
Joel𝕄𝕚𝕜𝕖Fermin Rodriguez
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