Netflix Party
"Watch Netflix with friends remotely".
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29 people use Netflix Party. Do you?


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i'm cute
it's easy to use
Olu stacked Netflix Party
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Great for dates, hanging out with friends... Just great
Stefan Natter
Erick Muller
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It works very well. Compared to watching something with someone irl, almost nothing is lost.
Vattan PS
Vattan PS stacked Netflix Party
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Great way to host a remote party.
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Confused with Netflix's recommend algorithm.
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Because who can watch Love is Blind without wanting to discuss it? Netflix Party is a great way to get those couch conversations flowing during a screening no matter where in the world your friends are.
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Ryan Hoover
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For years @suzywillow and I were long distance (SF and LA). We used Netflix Party to watch shows and films together. 🍿
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