A podcast on wealth and happiness by Naval and Nivi
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Thesami stacked Naval
A flaneur.
This is a collection of first principle thinking on how to fulfill one the biggest human desire "how to get rich without getting lucky?"
Kent Wilson
Kent Wilson stacked Naval
CMO. Startups, digital marketing, small business. Hockey ...
Fascinating insights and philosophical thoughts on business, investing, and life in general.
tom ross
tom ross stacked Naval
Interested in Productivity, Personal Knowledge Management...
Different perspectives and thought provoking tweets.
D. stacked Naval
Neophyte Software Engineer and Investor
Timeless wisdom and principles, one of my favourite podcasts.
Tejas Rane
Tejas Rane stacked Naval
Marketer| Author| Engineer
Wish I knew Naval 4-5 Years Back!
Piyush Poddar
Piyush Poddar stacked Naval
Engineer @ Stripe. Ex-Google/Youtube. NYC
Life changing wisdom in bit sized chunks. Incredibly concise and well done.
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy stacked Naval
Ad Ops and Community Team @Brave. Love non-fiction, self-...
If there's one podcast to listen to, it's this one. Naval and Nivi do a great job with it. If you don't walk away from this podcast thinking about it, you're doing something wrong. Suggested: "How to Get Rich" - There are lessons on a lot more than wealth.
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