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Oussama Bezzad
Oussama Bezzad stacked mymind
Hey guys, I am excited to see products you love and share...
I do not have to think about my bookmark organization anymore
tefinytulod stacked mymind
is a digital designer specializing in product design and ...
Auto tagging of bookmarked items in the web
Sujay Raj Srivastava
Sujay Raj Srivastava stacked mymind
Hi, there!
The best app to save what inspires you. Also its completely free :)
Michèl Passin
Michèl Passin stacked mymind
head of visual design & user experience @t-online. | phot...
Place for everything I want to remember – without the hassle of thinking about how to sort the thoughts.
DailyTekk stacked mymind
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
Simple, effective, amazing! (I paid for premium).
Daniel Kang
Daniel Doyon
Daniel Doyon stacked mymind
Co-founder of @readwiseio
Solid for photos — my meme folder, swipe file, and moodboard
elbzDaniel Kang
Produkthelt stacked mymind
Oslo based product designer with a thing for good food an...
My mind is magical. Through this piece of software you'll understand better how your mind works, what it needs to function. My mind is an exciting piece of software that'l be worth from the first day if you put your trust in it.
Juha Liikala
Juha Liikala stacked mymind
Howdy! 👋 Front-End & Pixels @Synopsys • Husband, Globetro...
Visual notes via screencaptures and pictures is something I’ve been doing for a long time. But I haven’t found a good tool for managing those notes, until now! This app is a lifesaver!
Anton Blagov
Anton Blagov stacked mymind
Russian in NYC | Marketing SaaS Startup GrowthHacking | O...
I use it as an on-the-go note-taking app, add my thoughts, links, and bookmarks there
Max Vegas
Max Vegas stacked mymind
Self-taught Product Designer. Digital Nomad.
Fresh, human approach to bookmarking everything online
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