We make it simple for a writer to start a paid newsletter.
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181 people use Substack. Do you?

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Rohit Alexander
Rohit Alexander stacked Substack
Designer & Art Director • Owner at Pixel Plotters Design ...
Medium meets RSS meets newsletters. The whole package.
Susan Pearson
Susan Pearson stacked Substack
I'm a blogger and a productivity geek living with a chron...
I've been using it for a week now for my daily newsletter/micro-blog I'm happy with what I have seen so far.
Bobby B
Bobby B stacked Substack
Activism, Agile, AI and ML, Medicine, Automation, Busines...
It seems better than Medium and less creepy / spammy?
V Keerthi Vikram
V Keerthi Vikram stacked Substack
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
The best platform for creating newsletters.
Ayush Pathak
Ayush Pathak stacked Substack
A #NoCode geek.
Amazing simplicity!. The part I love it the most is that it allows unlimited subscribers even in the free plan!
Ayush Pathak
Erwan Derlyn
Erwan Derlyn stacked Substack
👋 I'm Erwan. I'm an independent marketing consultant base...
I use Substack for my newsletter. Love the simplicity, hope they keep it this way.
Andy Mac
Andy Mac stacked Substack
Into helping create and build products that give people s...
Joined the rush and made a home for a public facing home for various musings on industry. Come join me!
Sharath Kuruganty
Sharath Kuruganty stacked Substack
Co-founder at 🚀 Interests include startups, B...
If you are new to newsletters and want to launch one quickly, Substack is your go-to tool. I launched my first newsletter called Productivize( today and it only took me like an hour to set up, create a post and ship it.
Peter Thaleikis
Nitesh Manav
Nitesh Manav stacked Substack
#Entrepreneur #Lover #Dreamer , Finalist of NDTV's realit...
The reason I started loving emails again.
Victor stacked Substack
self-management / org-tech / token economics / web3 / DAO...
Clean, easy design. The philosophy behind this is awesome
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