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Capture and organize ideas instantly with Microsoft OneNote.
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Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked Microsoft OneNote
Product + Execution
OneNote is free, light, and syncs perfectly between my desktop app and mobile app. My crude yet very important notes are stored here, organized in a basic way.
René de Vries
René de Vries stacked Microsoft OneNote
Ondernemer | Business Intelligence | Text Mining | Duurza...
Best org tool. Easy to sync across devices. Integrates well with professional environment
Shane Wright
Shane Wright stacked Microsoft OneNote
Tech consultant n the healthcare finance industry
Easy to use
Nichanan Kesonpat
Nichanan Kesonpat stacked Microsoft OneNote
📝 | 👩🏻‍💻 ReactJS, Solidity, NodeJS | 💼 spiritc...
This was my go-to for all notes in college, but I have since turned elsewhere for typed notes. I still love OneNote for hand-written notes and doodles. I mainly use its "Draw" feature on iPad. Handwritten/drawn content still syncs well and I can extract these as screenshots
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Kylee Grace Schmuck
Kylee Grace Schmuck stacked Microsoft OneNote
Digital Marketing Specialist @delightful // 💜💛University...
Super easy to sync notes across devices. Slick UI, intuitive, incredibly easy to use.
Ted Avery
Ted Avery stacked Microsoft OneNote
Exploring the world and making things on the internet. Co...
Straightforward note-taking, free on all major platforms. Controlling my own notebook > tab > page organisation and ordering is what keeps me here vs the countless other note-taking apps.
Organized and makes me focus
Tango.Whisky.Bravo stacked Microsoft OneNote
Making the world a better place. One project at a time.I ...
Easy to stay organized. Love the ability to create note based on a specific email and to link deadlines and reminders in one place.
Use this for my school notes and honestly would use it for other things if it didn't mean polluting the system with non-school stuff 😂
Love it for compartmentalization of my thoughts and ideas
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