A bank that lives on your phone, on a mission to make money work for everyone
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Stay Humble
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one great feature that all the others don't seem to have, the ability to FREEZE the card. i feel like i'm really in control of my finances when i have this because i can just unfreeze when i actually want to use it. super power AF.
Olu stacked Monzo
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It's beautiful! And I guess it works well too, people tell me that's important.
Anthony Young
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It's essential and so well designed.
Joan Cardona
Joan Cardona stacked Monzo
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Nice design and great people behind it. It doesn’t feel like a bank.
Max stacked Monzo
Banking made easy. Easy access overview on money. Modest but reliable interest rates on savings.
Oliver Waters
Oliver Waters stacked Monzo
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Best UK bank, hands down.
Graeme Fulton
Graeme Fulton stacked Monzo
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Saves me time and integrates with Quickbooks!
alex stacked Monzo
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#1 digital bank in UK
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Probably the best bank in the UK (for now)
Sankara stacked Monzo
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A truly digital bank that boasts not only a great app UI and a host of other features to aid your budgeting and saving - but also an active community where customers are listened to. Never thought I would never need to visit a bank branch, but the future of banking is Monzo!
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