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Legendary notebooks
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25 people use Moleskine. Do you?

People that stacked Moleskine

Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson stacked Moleskine
You're god damn right they're legendary notebooks
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Pankaj Jain
Pankaj Jain stacked Moleskine
Co-Crafter Founder Craft. Operator,advisor,investor . Sta...
I love having a nice notebook in different sizes to carry around and take notes. Sure, I can dictate the notes via Siri as well but Siri can't be put on a shelf for flipping through in the future.
Joanne Pimanova
Joanne Pimanova stacked Moleskine
Digital Marketer and SEO addict. Director of Marketing & ...
fantastic notebooks. I love their quality :)
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Chris T. Poore
Chris T. Poore stacked Moleskine
Technologist | Tinkerer | Product Innovator | Life-long L...
Best format for capturing the ebb and flow of activities and learning in my personal and professional life.
Adriana Lacy
Adriana Lacy stacked Moleskine
L.A. based journalist and editor. Always trying new produ...
This is for Flow, their writing app. I really enjoy this with my apple pencil.
Aaron stacked Moleskine
Community @producthunt @yourstacks Previously a cook 👨‍🍳
I love these notebooks. I have a few currently filled with recipes.
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