Legendary notebooks
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Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang stacked Moleskine
@neo @re__inc @techsetters @harvard
Durable, well-made, classic notebooks in many colors. I write in mine everyday!
Parker Henderson
Lauren Eliza
Lauren Eliza stacked Moleskine
Writer, video editor, I like to think I'm good at curatin...
Softcover, pocket notebook. I carry this around with me everywhere I go as a place to quick capture my thoughts. I love that as time goes on and the more I use it the more worn looking it becomes
Christopher Sherrod
Christopher Sherrod stacked Moleskine
Author, expat, entrepreneur
Best journal I've ever used.
rajanshandil stacked Moleskine
Award Winning Producer ** Film, Television, Streaming ** ...
Everyone should have one of these next to their computer. Great to take notes down and keep them in the analog world.
Juan Gabriel Perez
Barron Caster
Barron Caster stacked Moleskine
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High-quality paper, great lining, easy to carry around, and it comes in my favorite color (purple). I have over a dozen of these filled with my writing and another dozen waiting to be filled.
Feyza Okumuş
Feyza Okumuş stacked Moleskine
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Using dot grid notebook
Enreina stacked Moleskine
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I just love these notebooks. The straps, the choice of sizes. My favorite is the Pocket Daily Journalier, and it has become my yearly purchase.
Michelle Kwon
Michelle Kwon stacked Moleskine
AirAngels fan girl; angel investor
On my umteenth notebook
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson stacked Moleskine
You're god damn right they're legendary notebooks
Ahmed Men
Ahmed Men stacked Moleskine
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My paper notebook when it comes to digital minimalism.
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