Better way to communicate over video.
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Juan José
Juan José stacked Mmhmm
Apprentice of everything, master of nothing. Or Philosoph...
It really brings a wow factor to my presentations :)
David stacked Mmhmm
I'm a tech and design enthusiast/ UX Designer🧙🏿‍♂️. My areas ...
Best name ever.
Mike Farnham
Mike Farnham stacked Mmhmm
Managing Director @ VeracityColab
an ingenious and much-needed sidekick video presentation tool for Zoom (...and so much more).
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Mmhmm
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Definitely impressive eye/head-tracking that keeps the little Loom-esque bubble accurately framing your face. That said, not sure how much I love another tool to monitor during a Zoom call when I'm presenting. Promising, but ask me how I feel in a few weeks.
Chandreyi SahaChris SheffieldRyan Hoover
edmund amoye
edmund amoye stacked Mmhmm
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Awesome for presentations, video calls, live-streaming, tutorials, and instructional videos. Next level.
Kevin William David
Kevin William David stacked Mmhmm
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Makes the whole video call experience on zoom a bit more fun and engaging.
Dapo OlaopaNaman KumarJuan Gabriel Perez
Georgina Hoy
Georgina Hoy stacked Mmhmm
IP & Technology Lawyer
An alternative to Zoom that enables users to live out their newsreader fantasies. It is still in early-stage beta but the features look extremely promising and I am sold by the promise of a more engaging experience than the Teams calls of the last four months.
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