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Leah Lewy
Leah Lewy stacked Mixpanel
Product manager with an avid appetite for new consumer pr...
It allows me to surface product insights that wouldn't normally be easily uncovered directly from user feedback
Kamil Rejent
Kamil Rejent stacked Mixpanel
CEO @ Survicate
All you need for product usage analytics
Jason Chen
Jason Chen stacked Mixpanel
I love boba, hot pot and building great products!
I can easily add custom events and build dashboards of what I want to track!
Hako Doncic
Hako Doncic stacked Mixpanel
product manager at Pixery
you can analyze almost everything
Daniel Melèndez
Daniel Melèndez stacked Mixpanel, Tacoton (eating tacos marathon) ...
James Blackwell
James Blackwell stacked Mixpanel
Co-founder of @BuzzSumo. Startups, product, tech + market...
Fast and easy product usage insights
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