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Claude Donzรฉ
Claude Donzรฉย stackedย Missive
startups and techno
Could not imagine email without Missive anymore. Fast, light and clean solution, perfect for collaborative teams. Amazing team of founders as well, very responsive and quick in building!
Parth JoshiTanyaKapinosAdam Hollander
Jagat Seth
Jagat Sethย stackedย Missive
Banker to the British East India Co.
Universal inbox, and team.
Itโ€™s fantastic for the co
George Burnett III
George Burnett IIIย stackedย Missive
ยป Technologist, entrepreneur, focused IT strategies leade...
The most powerful communication.
Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Caiย stackedย Missive
CEO @italic. Cofounder @notpotdealer & Havi...
Cheap, fast, team collaboration inside of an already great all-purpose inbox
Francesco D'Alessio
Francesco D'Alessioย stackedย Missive
The host of Keep Productive ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป
Missive, whilst being $12 per month, is my guilty pleasure, it aligns my email and makes it a power-house for getting things done, combined with Sanebox - I really enjoy it for getting to Zero Inbox.
Leonardo Vaghaye
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